Top California Farmer Adopts Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Crop Stress Monitoring

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SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sept. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Agralogics announced today that Woolf Farming & Processing, a leading food enterprise based in Fresno, CA has teamed with Agralogics to provide real-time, AI-driven crop-stress monitoring services over the long-term for its Farming Operations.

Building on top of an established multi-year working relationship between Woolf Farming and Agralogics, the Woolf team expects to leverage Agralogics EOS Platform and its Artificial Intelligence solutions to provide its managers and employees, the ability to proactively address risks in their crops before it can impact quality and yield.  Similar to how AI enabled applications such as Google Maps are improving efficiency, by giving users value add information such as highlighting traffic jams which cannot be seen, the Agralogics platform will help the Woolf team identify areas of potential crop stress hot spots, which are not visible to the naked eye but are still preventable through interventions.

“We are committed to continually improving operational efficiency through digital technologies and analytics that help make better decisions.  Agralogics has become a great partner and we look forward to a long-term relationship,” said Stuart Woolf, CEO of Woolf Farming & Processing.  He continued, “Their AI-enabled system has the potential to be a game-changer for our team.”

“Woolf Farming is an industry leader in both thought and practice, and it’s a privilege to have reached this milestone together. We’re excited to continue our journey by providing the data infrastructure to support important decisions across daily, mission-critical farming operations,” said Sumer Johal, CEO of Agralogics.

Woolf Farming & Processing is a California farming enterprise with farming spread over 8 different row- and permanent commodities across more than 25,000 acres under management.

Agralogics is a leader in the Data and Digital Transformation of the multi-Trillion global food ecosystem. The company’s SaaS Data Platform (EOS) manages core business processes and critical operational data to help some of the largest global food companies in the world improve the efficiency, reduce costs and improve their ecosystem collaboration – internally and across their supply-chains.


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