EF Hutton Launches MeggaCoin

First Social Network That Allows Users to Mine Cryptocurrency

Getting Paid For Data and Social Activity

Just $5 & 5 Minutes to Setup

SPRINGFIELD, OH, Sept. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- EF Hutton Inc., a subsidiary of HUTN, Inc. (OTC: HUTN) today announced it is launching MeggaCoin, a private utility coin, on Monday October 1st which can be mined by users of the MeggaLife family of social Apps who are rewarded those users for their data and their online social activity.  Users can “Bank their Coin” in an EF Hutton account.   Users that accumulate 20 million MeggaCoin can redeem MeggaCoin for cash held by MeggaTrust, an independent trust that is overseen by independent third-party trustees.  MeggaTrust assets back the MeggaCoin.  MeggaTrust receives 100% of the advertising revenue generated by MeggaLife Apps, net only of the cost to operate the social Apps and a nominal redemption fee.  On the day coins are redeemed users get their proportionate share of the MeggaTrust assets. With MeggaCoin users receive the full value of their data and online social activity. 

New to Digital Assets and Don’t Have A Digital Wallet? No Problem

MeggaLife makes it easy for beginners to start mining Coin.  It’s safe, low-cost and setup is fast.  First, there is no need for users to have a digital wallet.  EF Hutton allows users to Bank their MeggaCoin in an EF Hutton account that is designed to allow users to accumulate value in a tax-deferred account.  Details are available at meggalife.com.  And Setup is easy -- it only takes five minutes to open an EF Hutton account.  This saves users the hassle of setting up a digital wallet to hold MeggaCoin.  And EF Hutton’s digital account relieves concerns over security issues that vex many digital wallets because MeggaCoin is held in a secure custody account monitored by EF Hutton rather than a personal wallet.  Moreover EF Hutton is a regulated financial firm while most digital wallet providers are unregulated.  Another advantage is the cost.  Digital Wallets that hold coins and tokens apply transaction fees that can add up.  But an EF Hutton account requires only a one-time fee as low as $5.00.   There are four MeggaCoin mining plans to choose from with the trade-off being the upfront setup fee versus the redemption fee.

Making Serious Coin

User data is valuable.  We’re talking serious coin.  Most people do not realize how valuable their data is and the giant social networks avoid revealing the true value because user ignorance benefits them.  In fact, the lifetime value of your data and social activity can be as much $100,000, in some cases even more.  Users of other social networks have no opportunity to mine coin and gain value for their data.  MeggaLife.com’s social Apps were built to enable users to gain the full value of their data and online social activity.  Suzie Orman tells people they need to save more money.  True - but saving is hard for many people.  Mining for MeggaCoin is an easy way to accumulate an asset to supplement savings. 

MeggaCoin is Backed by a Trust

All the advertising revenue received by Megga Inc.’s MeggaLife.com social Apps goes into an independent Trust that is governed by an independent third-party trustees and the ad revenue held by the trust backs MeggaCoin.  The more users, the more advertisers and therefore the more ad revenue that goes into the trust. The trustees include the former head of the social security administration under President Obama.  The Trust is advised by EF Hutton for a fee of less than one percent per year.  All trust assets are held by a registered custodian who currently holds over $50 billion of other custody assets.

Wide Range of Social Apps – Why “Double G”

MeggaLife.com has a range of social Apps to match user preferences and they’re available for download now on the Android and Apple App Stores.  Followers can catch your Buzz at MeggaBuzz.com, a short message platform can use Each Buzz can be up to 140 characters.  Those that like a more general social network can use Meggamigo.com. Earning MeggaCoin gives new meaning to friends with benefits.  Those that like a more visual social experience can use MeggaView.com.  Meggalife.com is also developing some new Apps that can expand the range of social interaction.  Moving from one App to the next is easy because they all share a single sign-on.  Megga is “Double G” because the Apps are double Good – users benefit from both a social App and a way to mine Coins.

User Data Policy

MeggaLife.com does not sell your personally identifiable data.  The privacy policy prohibits sale to advertisers as well as to prospective partners.  Other large social media companies have transferred user data to partners.  We don’t want to name names but certain executives of those firms has to do a bit of facetime in front of congress to explain the breaches.

“MeggaCoin has the potential to transform lives,” said EF Hutton CEO Chris Daniels. He continued “Everyone now has a choice.  Either: give your data to the giant social media companies for free or use MeggaLife to mine MeggaCoin and Bank the full value of your social data and online social activity.”

Let’s Grow This Together – Users, Miners, Partners, Investors, Developers Welcome

Those who like the MeggaLife concept are encouraged to signup today. Tell friends and tell them to “friend” or “follow” you when they sign up.  Because the first five people that a new user “friends” or “follows” on their first day each get 20 MeggaCoin.

Those who love it and want to be involved in global disruptive change that helps average people gain the benefits of their data and social internet use – should contact us.  We are actively looking for partners, advertisers, developers, investors and energized employees.  

It’s important to note that MeggaLife.com was built with the team’s personal capital.  No funding from venture capital sources who might have forced us to compromise our vision of a new model for the social internet – one that gives users the value they deserve.  HUTN Inc. is the parent company of both EF Hutton and Megga Inc. and the parent company shares are publicly available under the symbol HUTN.

MeggaCoin Impact

MeggaCoin is a virtual currency, specifically a private utility token.  It expands the market for cryptocurrency by enabling almost any person to mine for coin, building a valuable asset.  And it is designed to be easy so that MeggaMiners have everything within one simple ecosystem. MeggaCoin enables average people to accumulate an asset from things they already do.  Almost everyone uses a social network.

Power of Social Capital

MeggaCoin is a catalyst for social capital and Martin Luther King 3d has posted on social media about it.  It generates value by bringing together millions of people who can benefit because they are collectively interesting to advertisers.  In fact, Meggalife users will click more on ads because they know the advertiser’s payments go into the MeggaTrust.  In turn, advertisers gravitate to MeggaLife because they “feel the love” from grateful users.

About EF Hutton Inc. and Megga Inc.

EF Hutton Inc. and Megga Inc. have a common parent company, HUTN Inc. 

EF Hutton is a legendary national brand that is known for high quality service to clients. The firm provides digital finance services including online investment services.  The firm has special expertise in cryptocurrency, including research and sponsoring ACEx, and exchange for digital assets.  The EF Hutton brand has a 114 year legacy of helping people maximize their money.  That’s why, When EF Hutton Talks, People Listen….and make Coin. 

Megga Inc. operates a social internet platform, meggalife.com, which consists of multiple websites and mobile Apps all of which enables users to mine MeggaCoin.  Users get MeggaCoin for activities like posting messages or pictures. MeggaCoin can be redeemed for cash from MeggaTrust starting when the user has 20 million MeggaCoin or when the user turns 68.

About HUTN, Inc.

HUTN, Inc. is a holding company whose subsidiaries provide B2C internet services. HUTN Group Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of HUTN, Inc. is the parent company of:  (i) EF Hutton, Inc., a provider of digital finance and investment services (ii) Vibrant Mobility, Inc., a mobile communications services provider; and, (iii) Megga, Inc., an integrated social networks and online services provider.  HUTN, Inc.’s subsidiaries offer innovative financial products designed to work for everyday people.  HUTN, Inc. stock is traded under the symbol HUTN. Learn more at www.efhutton.com

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking StatementsCertain statements contained in this press release that are not historical facts may constitute "forward-looking statements" as defined in Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and are intended to be covered by the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. EF Hutton, Inc., Vibrant Mobility, Inc., and Megga, Inc. are subsidiaries of HUTN, Inc.


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