Woz U Education Leads K-12 EdTech and Community Development Discussion at DesTechAZ

Exclusive Arizona-based event showcases municipal and schooling accomplishments to raise awareness of education opportunities for students

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Sept. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Woz U Education, a personalized approach to instilling a tech-based mindset in schoolchildren, announced today the entrepreneurial and philanthropic speakers leading the community development and K-12 education dialogue at Woz U’s DesTechAZ event on October 10-11, 2018, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The robust lineup of speakers to the invite-only event features leaders in the education, sports, business, technology and non-profit sectors. The annual event offers the opportunity for senior education executives and officials to learn from trailblazers advancing education and community efforts. The sessions will enable attendees to gain insight around the unique ways former professional athletes and business executives are impacting their communities. The passion and experience shared during the discussion will be broadcasted via Facebook Live on Woz U Education’s Facebook page.

“Schools are the foundation for uplifting a community, and introducing new education programs will build a pathway for students to succeed through the school system and post-graduation,” says Karen Young, CEO, Woz U Education. “DesTechAZ empowers us to connect with education leaders and share experiences and success stories on the best ways to advance education programs for schoolchildren.”

On stage to provide their insight on ways they are impacting the growth of schoolchildren, elevating education programs, and advancing community development initiatives will be:

  • Steve Wozniak: Woz U Education, founder and Apple, co-founder
  • Gary Payton: founder, Gary Payton Foundation and NBA Hall of Famer
  • Steven Hunter: founder, The Steven Hunter Youth Foundation and Community Ambassador for the Phoenix Suns
  • Tarence Wheeler: founder and CEO, The Wheeler Group
  • Cesar Rolon: founder, Latino Fashion Week and the World Fashion Festival Organization
  • Xavier Hernandez: principal, Berwyn Tech Entrepreneurship Center
  • Jeff Isaac: CEO, Pathway to Adventure Council
  • Maria Sachs: former Florida Senator and Representative
  • Vince Casillas: CEO, Casillas Strategies and communication team member for the 2008 Obama Presidential Campaign
  • Brandon Turk: CEO, Midsouth Aerials

“Being able to enrich the learning environment for schoolchildren is a passion we share with the speakers,” says Young. “Installing a tech-based education program for learners to gain a comprehension of computer-based tools and solutions throughout their schooling will offer them earlier technology proficiency and open career opportunities to graduates.”

As part of the event, the attendees will be introduced to hands-on activities to enable individuals to identify the skills needed to obtain an engineering mindset. The participants will be educated on the knowledge required for students to develop coding proficiency, and the challenges teachers face while instructing computer-based programs to students in the classroom.

The livestream of the speaker presentations will commence at 12p.m. ET on October 10 and October 11. To access the livestream, visit Facebook.com/WozUEducation.

Registration and sponsorships are available for DesTechAZ’s evening session on October 11, 2018, from 5-9 p.m., which is being held at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn in Scottsdale, Arizona.

To learn about sponsorship opportunities to register to attend DesTechAZ’s October 11 evening session, contact Merissa Rivera at mrivera@wozufoundation.org.

For more information about DesTechAZ, visit destechaz.com.

For more information about Woz U Education, visit www.wozueducation.com

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Woz U Education is a personalized approach to instill a tech-based mindset in schoolchildren. The STEAM modules cultivated by Woz U Education are designed to be instrumental in the development of students towards an engineering or technology-based career. Woz U Education learners dream, design, engineer, test, improve, and create through coding, robotics, drones, 3-D printing, and electronics. Learn more at www.wozueducation.com

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DesTechAZ brings business leaders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and government officials together to discuss and collaborate in making Arizona the next technology metropolis. DesTechAZ inspires attendees to collaborate to accelerate the growth of Arizona’s vibrant technology community and build a framework that supports meaningful and lasting innovations for their local community and around the world. Learn more at destechaz.com.

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