MVC Technologies Announces Rebrand to CB2 Insights with New Focus on Predictive Analytics for the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Technology Company Introduces New Corporate Identity and Outlines Market Strategy for its House of Brands

TORONTO, Oct. 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MVC Technologies Inc. (“MVC”) today announced that it will undergo a significant brand transformation with the introduction of a corporate rebrand and a re-emphasis on the strategies of its current group of branded cannabis industry software solutions and services.  The new entity, CB2 Insights, will focus on business intelligence and predictive analytics tools across the cannabis value chain while its sub-brands, Sail Cannabis, Canna Care Docs and TokeIn will continue to support the cannabis ecosystem within their respective verticals.

“We have seen substantial growth, both within our own organization and no doubt, in the global cannabis industry at-large,” said Prad Sekar, Chief Executive Officer, CB2 Insights. “While each of our established brands continues to grow within Canada, the US and internationally, we now have a substantial opportunity to leverage these assets to build predictive analytics tools to fill the deep void of trusted data currently available in this highly fragmented industry.  CB2 Insights’ mission is to ensure that big data is central to the evolution of the industry, as it is more needed today than it has ever been before.”

The Company will move forward with a strategy where its parent brand will amass data from each of its sub-brands while those sub-brands will work independently within their respective vertical. This allows the Company to continue to serve licensed producers, retailers, clinicians and patients whether by software or services, while CB2 Insights focuses on building tools from the data that each brand collects, driving actionable insights across the ecosystem.

CB2 Insights

CB2 Insights, the parent company, will exist atop each of the current and any future sub-brands.  CB2 Insights is driven by collecting all data ingested by the software and services within its own house of brands as well as any clinically validated 3rd party data that exists and is vetted by the Company’s medical advisory board.  The tools built by CB2 Insights will enable further evolution within the global cannabis space through data-driven solutions that feed clinically-validated, evidence-based tools back into the industry.  The Company already has two market-ready software solutions ready for deployment and expects to launch them by the end of 2018.

Sail Cannabis

Already deployed domestically and internationally, the Sail Cannabis EMR platform is the leading suite of cannabis-focused clinical practice management tools in the industry.  Sail allows clinics to manage their entire clinical operation through a single platform designed specifically for the cannabis market.  The platform also aims to assist clinicians in integrating cannabis into their practice through its data-driven Clinical Decision Support platform which includes evaluation tools, dosing guidelines and other unique features.  Sail is active today in multiple global markets and supports more than 80,000 patient encounters each year.

Canna Care Docs

Canna Care Docs (“CCD”) is a serviced-based offering that operates a network of US-based, multi-state brick and mortar cannabis evaluation and education centres as well as telemedicine applications in some states.  CCD serves a core need within the industry as a specialized network of trained clinicians supporting communities through the qualification, recommendation/prescription of medical cannabis and education to patients looking to integrate cannabis into their treatment regimen.   CCD also offers a fully managed service model of pre-and-post-education services through virtual consultation to assist independent clinicians in their own practice, saving them time on education so that they can focus solely on patient care.


As the retail models within the cannabis industry continue to evolve, dispensaries and other retailers are seeking out better ways to engage and retain customers in their regions.  TokeIn is the only mobile app-based consumer engagement and loyalty platform that is designed specifically for the cannabis industry.  The platform allows retailers to build their own loyalty programs and customized deals that can be pushed to consumers through various communication channels including SMS messaging.  TokeIn currently supports multiple dispensary groups across several states and will soon launch internationally.

“We are in the midst of a massive industry surge and cannabis companies are aching for data that is meaningful and provides the insights that they need to propel their operations,” said Dan Thompson, Chief Marketing Officer, CB2 Insights.  “As an organization, we are in a unique position to leverage the vast amounts of data that we collect on a daily basis to better educate the market, but more importantly, create tools for our clients and the industry as a whole that will help advance the cannabis market exponentially.”

CB2 Insights has filed its preliminary prospectus with the British Columbia Securities Commission and intends to be publicly listed later this year.

About CB2 Insights

CB2 Insights has a mission to simplify the medical cannabis journey across the value chain through a suite of healthcare technology products and services delivered through three distinct brands – each serving a unique vertical. Sail offers a comprehensive cannabis EMR platform and patient engagement tools to support clinics and clinicians across multiple countries. Canna Care Docs is a leading cannabis evaluation and education group operating in 12 jurisdictions. Canna Care Docs has served more than 265,000 patients looking to integrate cannabis into their treatment regimen. TokeIn is the industry’s only app-based customer loyalty and engagement platform used by cannabis retailers.  The parent brand, CB2 Insights, works to build predictive analytics tools based on the controlled data input ingested from each of its sub-brands which are used to deliver actionable insights both to its customer base and the industry at-large.   For more information please visit,, and

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