CLS Signs Agreement with Image Guided Therapy to Develop and Commercialize Product for MR-Generated Temperature Monitoring

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Oct. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CLS AB in Lund, Sweden, with the subsidiary Clinical Laserthermia Systems Americas, Inc. (CLS Americas), today announced it has signed an agreement with Image Guided Therapy SA (IGT) to develop and commercialize a software product offering doctors MR-generated, optimal conditions for viewing, measuring and controlling tissue temperatures during precision laser ablation and CLS’s immune stimulating imILT® treatment.

The objective is to make the jointly-developed product compatible with MR systems from all leading vendors. With this new product offering CLS will strengthen its position in establishing CLS’s product portfolio for precision image guided laser ablation and imILT® treatments within the market for interventional MR procedures.

“Our main goal is to offer the doctors, choosing to use the products of CLS, an improved workflow where they can monitor the treatment procedure in the best way possible.  With this new software, we will be able to offer the hospital a more complete solution,” said Lars-Erik Eriksson, CEO at CLS. “In brief, the collaboration means that IGT will provide the core technology for the development of the new product, while CLS will bring the know-how of thermal therapies and the regulatory process that is required for EC approval in Europe and FDA clearance in the U.S. The new product will be registered in CLS’ quality assurance system. CLS and IGT will each covers its own costs within the project.“

“We are aiming at having the new software product approved and ready to launch during the second half of 2019. Already today we have hospitals waiting to test the product,” said Dan Mogren, Chief Commercial Officer at CLS. “The commercial part of the agreement includes joint sales and marketing of the product and with an exclusive right for CLS to sell the software together with our products for soft tissue ablation and imILT® treatments.”

About Image Guided Therapy
IGT is a French medtech company that, utilizing research work from the University in Bordeaux, has developed products in the field of MR guided, minimally invasive cancer treatments. IGT has also been involved with two main developments: MR guidance for RF ablation procedures and MR guided focused ultrasound ablation devices (MRgFUS). For more information, visit:

About the CLS TRANBERG®|Thermal Therapy System
CLS developed the system for image guided high precision soft tissue thermal therapy and ablation procedures. The system can be configured for MR or CT/US guided procedures using tissue temperature feedback for precise therapy and ablation control. The system includes a desk-top mobile laser unit, new innovative non-cooled laser applicators, external tissue temperature probe sensors and procedure specific accessories. CLS utilizes unique, non-cooled, diffusing laser fiber technology to optimize heat distribution in tissue while eliminating the need for external cooling. The system also includes features designed to improve workflow and reduce procedure times.

About Clinical Laserthermia Systems

Clinical Laserthermia Systems AB (publ), develops and sells the TRANBERG® | Thermal Therapy System and specially-designed sterile disposable products for safe, gentle and effective treatment of cancerous tumors. The products are marketed for image-guided laser ablation and for treatment with immuno-stimulating interstitial laser thermotherapy, imILT®. The company, which is headquartered in Lund Sweden and has a subsidiary in Boston, MA, is listed Nasdaq First North under the ticker CLS B. Certified Adviser is Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance. Further information is available on 

The TRANBERG® |Thermal Therapy System has not yet received market clearance for immune stimulating interstitial laser thermotherapy (imILT®) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States of America (USA).


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