Virtual Instruments Brings an End to Costly IT War Rooms with Next Generation of VirtualWisdom Hybrid Infrastructure Management Platform

San Jose, California, UNITED STATES

New Version of Industry’s Most Comprehensive Hybrid Infrastructure Performance Monitoring & AIOps Platform Enables Application Assurance from the Data Center to the Public Cloud

SAN JOSE, Calif. and LAS VEGAS, Oct. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Virtual Instruments, the leader in hybrid infrastructure management, today introduced the next generation of VirtualWisdom, the industry’s most comprehensive hybrid infrastructure management and AIOps platform. By visualizing the infrastructure in the context of the application, VirtualWisdom 6.0 enables organizations to proactively gain full control over the performance and availability of the applications across their modern hybrid data centers. In doing so, VirtualWisdom delivers improved control, greater business agility and reduced infrastructure costs. Furthermore, it brings an end to the costly, unproductive and antiquated “IT war rooms” typically created to resolve critical application slowdowns and outages.

Today’s enterprises are increasingly evolving to a hybrid data center model in order to utilize cost-effective and flexible compute and storage via the cloud, while retaining the control and security provided by on-premises infrastructure. However, the reality is that the scale and complexity associated with these highly virtualized, hybrid and multi-cloud environments is beyond human comprehension. In attempts to navigate this complexity, enterprises often implement monitoring tools in a siloed fashion, resulting in an incomplete view of the health, utilization, capacity and performance of the underlying infrastructure supporting the business-critical applications. This fragmented visibility leads to a lack of control over application delivery, which results in poor business performance in the form of unmet service level agreements (SLAs), reactive IT, and unconstructive, silo-centric finger-pointing within IT war rooms.       

The breakthrough new release of VirtualWisdom eliminates these obstacles by holistically monitoring, analyzing and optimizing the health, utilization, capacity and performance of IT infrastructure within the context of the application. VirtualWisdom discovers and maps applications to the infrastructure to understand where each application lives and how it behaves on top of the infrastructure, in addition to discerning the business value and SLA tier of each application. Once this end-to-end visibility is established, VirtualWisdom then applies real-time, AI-based analytics that include machine learning, statistical analysis, heuristics and expert systems, allowing enterprises to ensure the performance and availability of the mission-critical applications across their highly complex hybrid data centers.

By leveraging Virtual Instruments’ highly scalable wire and machine data instrumentation and app-centric analytics, the new VirtualWisdom 6.0 platform delivers four key capabilities: Application Service Assurance; Predictive Capacity Management; Workload Infrastructure Balancing; and Problem Resolution and Avoidance. These complementary capabilities enable organizations to proactively identify and resolve infrastructure-related performance, capacity and utilization issues that are impacting business-critical applications, which removes the need for costly reactive firefighting that is the hallmark of traditional IT war rooms.

“The emerging hybrid IT environment demands a new approach to infrastructure monitoring. AI-driven, analytics-based solutions that can visualize and analyze the infrastructure across all domains in the context of the application are becoming essential to performance and availability assurance – and are eliminating the need for war rooms,” said Bob Laliberte, Practice Director & Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “The new generation of the VirtualWisdom hybrid infrastructure management platform will help IT management avoid the war room with a unique, comprehensive and real-time approach to proactive monitoring and AIOps that spans the on-premise data center to both private and public clouds.”

Key features of the new version of VirtualWisdom include:

  • Updated dashboards that now integrate Proactive Analytics, with new visualizations and configuration data that:
    • Identify workload balancing opportunities and display the recommendations directly on any dashboard
    • Deliver new inventory status charts to provide “at-a-glance” control of deployed infrastructure configuration
    • Provide the ability to annotate dashboards with embedded images and text through the new Freeform card
  • Enhancements to Trend Matcher, the industry’s leading AI-based cross-silo correlation analytic. The AI-based correlation is now app-centric and topology-aware, which overlays correlation directly onto the topology map - making it easier to understand the impact of infrastructure issues across all silos
  • Application-centric Topology enables easy understanding of the complete the end-to-end path of applications from compute to data storage
  • Correlation of native application and infrastructure discovery with Dynatrace, in addition to existing correlation with AppDynamics, ServiceNOW, VMWare vApps, Netflow and host discovery
  • New ability to rapidly correlate the impacts of end-user response time to infrastructure performance through enhanced event integration with AppDynamics
  • New Operating System Integration provides agentless collection of OS level metrics from either Linux or Windows hosts across cloud, virtual, and physical instances
  • Operating System Integration support for Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure cloud platforms
  • New iSCSI wire data monitoring support in the NAS Performance Probe, which complements existing NFS and SMB monitoring capabilities
  • New Storage integrations to monitor the health, performance and capacity of Dell/EMC’s VMAX/PowerMAX and IBM’s SVC, including the abilities to balance workloads and reclaim capacity
  • New Predictive Capacity Management, which helps an enterprise optimize its infrastructure capacity, identify capacity exhaustion risks, and proactively recover unused capacity by:
    • Predicting and optimizing infrastructure capacity
    • Planning and optimizing the deployment of new infrastructure
    • Monitoring and forecasting capacity consumption rates
    • Helping avoid capacity exhaustion                

“As the complexity of our data center continued to grow exponentially, we faced the risk of becoming reactive to infrastructure and application issues – rather than proactively addressing them,” said Jon Phillips, Enterprise Storage and SAN Team Manager, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth). “With the new VirtualWisdom and its AIOps capabilities, we will gain full visibility into the performance, capacity, health and utilization of our mission-critical applications and the underlying infrastructure. As a result, we will be able to take a proactive approach to assuring the availability and performance of our critical apps and services. This not only helps ensure a stellar user experience, but also enables us to avoid unproductive and resource-intensive troubleshooting sessions in our IT war room.”    

“Most enterprises face an uphill battle in trying to proactively manage and automate their hybrid data centers because their organizations have been built in a siloed approach using legacy monitoring technologies,” said Philippe Vincent, CEO of Virtual Instruments. “As a result, when a business-critical application experiences a problem that cannot be immediately remediated, the enterprise retreats to the IT war room to begin an expensive, inefficient and contentious trouble-shooting process. The new VirtualWisdom platform ends the need for IT war rooms by helping our customers collaborate across the entire infrastructure stack in the context of each application. This enables the enterprise to gain control of application service delivery and restore enterprise IT’s ability to move the business forward and innovate.”    

VirtualWisdom 6.0 is available on October 31, 2018 and will be showcased and available for demo at the NetApp Insight conference, taking place in Las Vegas from October 22-24. To learn more about Virtual Instruments’ VirtualWisdom platform, please visit:   

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