Hospital Authority of Hong Kong Selects Mach7 and Client Outlook for Enterprise Imaging Contract

Enterprise imaging and viewing platforms will support the entire territory of Hong Kong

WATERLOO, Ontario, Oct. 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mach7 Technologies Limited (Mach7) and Client Outlook, Inc. announced today they have been selected by Hospital Authority of Hong Kong (Hospital Authority) to support radiology image sharing among healthcare providers for the entire territory of Hong Kong. The deployment of Mach7’s enterprise imaging solution and Client Outlook’s clinical and diagnostic viewing platform will deliver unprecedented access to patient information and diagnostic images.

The Hospital Authority manages the country’s public health system, which includes 43 public hospitals and institutions, 48 specialty outpatient clinics and 73 general outpatient clinics. They selected Mach7 and Client Outlook for their flexible vendor neutral architectures that tightly integrate to support image sharing among all Hospital Authority and participating Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS) healthcare providers.

Mach7’s unique intelligent data routing and image normalization capabilities will empower physicians and radiologists to access clinical data from any location throughout Hong Kong.  The technology provides a single network for imaging and will enable faster diagnosis, better clinical outcomes and improved efficiency by avoiding repeat examinations and corresponding radiation exposure.

“We are very excited about this new strategic partnership with Hong Kong’s finest healthcare system,” said Ravi Krishnan, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Mach7. “It demonstrates the power and efficiency of our solution to improve operational and clinical outcomes, delivering a highly efficient and reliable platform that meets Hong Kong’s demanding imaging requirements.”

Client Outlook’s eUnity is healthcare’s first Smartviewer, a highly adaptable zero-footprint image viewing and integration platform that provides access to diagnostic images from any location with any browser-based device. eUnity’s unique platform design supports simple to complex workflows and delivers a consistent user experience that will help physicians and radiologists throughout Hong Kong reduce the time of care for the patient, improve efficiency and save money.

“We are not only thankful for this opportunity but sincerely honored to have been chosen as an imaging partner by the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong,” said John Marshall, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Client Outlook. “We respect the Hospital Authority’s commitment to deliver the best possible patient care and are confident that our collaborative enterprise imaging solution will provide an exceptional user experience that positively impacts operational and clinical outcomes.”

About Client Outlook

Client Outlook Inc. is a healthcare technology company focused exclusively on empowering the image viewing evolution from hospital department to healthcare enterprise through an innovative software platform called eUnity. Uniquely designed as a zero-footprint viewing solution but purpose-built as in integration platform, eUnity gives all patient care stakeholders equal access to images for clinical viewing and diagnostic radiology reading. This powerful foundation cultivates a boundary-less enterprise that manages change and is prepared for future growth. Visit for more information.

About Mach7 Technologies

Mach7 Technologies (ASX:M7T) develops innovative data management solutions that create a clear and complete view of the patient to inform diagnosis, reduce care delivery delays and costs, and improve patient outcomes. Mach7’s award-winning enterprise imaging platform provides a vendor neutral foundation for unstructured data consolidation and communication to power interoperability and enables healthcare enterprises to build their best-of-breed clinical ecosystems. Mach7’s sophisticated workflow tools, advanced clinical viewing and optimized vendor neutral archiving solutions unlock silos of legacy systems empowering healthcare providers to own, access and share patient data without boundaries. Visit

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