Phenom People Announces Phenom AI: Defines AI for the Talent Acquisition Market

Ambler, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

Platform Showcases Personalization, Search and Insights to Drive Talent Acquisition Velocity

AMBLER, Pa., Nov. 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Phenom People, the global leader in Talent Relationship Marketing (TRM), today announced Phenom Artificial Intelligence (AI), the industry’s first talent acquisition platform to enable AI-powered personalization, search and insights for candidates, employees and recruiters.

“In today’s hot economy, companies are struggling to find key people in almost every country around the world,” said Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst and Founder of Bersin™ by Deloitte. “Solutions like Phenom TRM which apply AI to candidate search, internal career mobility and candidate relationship marketing are becoming essential to competing for top talent.”

The current conversation around AI in talent acquisition is complex and oftentimes confusing. Many CHROs, HRIS and talent leaders cannot articulate how AI will impact their human resource (HR) operations.

How AI Impacts the Talent Acquisition Market
AI impacts three key areas: personalizing the candidate experience, enabling intelligent search and providing actionable insights. These AI components are applied to career sites, conversational bots, CRM and internal mobility powering talent acquisition velocity:

  • Career site: deliver a hyper-personalized experience for job seekers
  • Conversational bot: engage, pre-screen and schedule candidates
  • CRM: discover candidate intent, engagement and fit score
  • Internal mobility: provide career path recommendations and employee referrals

Personalized Experience. By personalizing the candidate experience, organizations drastically increase the ability to attract top talent and connect people with their employer brand.

  • For candidates: AI powers personalized experiences with job recommendations and dynamic content based on their profile, search history, similar jobs openings, similar personas and locations.
  • For employees: AI powers the same personalization features as external candidates, along with career pathing and supplying job referrals from their alumni network, previous employer and critical job openings.
  • For recruiters: AI powers a personalized pipeline with matching skills and compatibility so recruiters automatically discover new talent and rediscover past quality candidates.

Intelligent Search. The majority of job seekers are blindly searching for new opportunities online. Search that provides irrelevant and inconclusive results leads to low talent conversion rates for organizations. The ability to match the right job to the right candidate is critical to converting top talent. AI powers spell correction, prediction, synonyms and natural language processing in order to provide the most relevant search results.

Actionable Insights. Talent acquisition leaders have long struggled with data quality and reliability. AI-driven insights provide the ability to discover new job seekers, rediscover existing candidates, tap into cloud-sourced suggestions, understand candidate intent, obtain trends in the pipeline and view dynamic talent pools. In addition, insights allow recruiters to spend more time with the most qualified candidates, reducing time to hire and cost per hire.

The Phenom AI Difference
Data is the foundation of effective AI. Without data, algorithms have zero chance of becoming more intelligible and accurate. Phenom AI is powered by the observations of 3 billion events per year, a network of over 100 million candidates, 8 thousand recruiters, 2 million employees and 20 million job openings. The observations are turned into 10 thousand markers. These markers are used to develop over 360 talent signals. These signals are the key to making AI real and impactful to talent acquisition.

“Phenom AI bolsters the velocity of talent acquisition by quickly delivering the right jobs to candidates, the right candidates to recruiters, and the right teams for the business,” said Mahe Bayireddi, CEO and Co-Founder of Phenom People. “In these cases, AI has a real, measurable impact on operations, but AI’s impact is only as effective as the data and that’s what makes Phenom AI so powerful.”

A New Insights Dashboard For CRM
In addition to Phenom AI, a new Insights Dashboard for CRM is now available for talent leaders. The dashboard provides recruiters with a real-time visualization of their assigned jobs, leads, applicants, referrals, lists and tasks. It highlights which jobs have low lead scores and referral rates while providing the recommended actions to resolve those challenges. Lastly, the Insights Dashboard shows the intent of the candidate in order to better identify qualified and enthusiastic talent.

Phenom helps global organizations eliminate the need for multiple point solutions by delivering a single unified platform for career site, CRM, CMS, conversational bot, internal mobility, employee referral and analytics. Phenom TRM significantly reduces cost per hire and time to hire.

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About Phenom People
Phenom People is redefining what it means to search for a job and recruit top talent. We are the global leader in Talent Relationship Marketing (TRM), empowering talent acquisition and management teams to discover, engage and retain talent through a single platform approach. Our platform is built on artificial intelligence (AI) which drives personalization, automation and accuracy for all of the stakeholders in the talent lifecycle. We believe people should be happy and inspired by their jobs – just as we are. That simple belief fuels our collective desire to fundamentally transform talent acquisition.

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