Major telco company partners with Vricon to accelerate 5G rollouts across the USA

Vricon supports major U.S. telecommunications firm with high-resolution 3D geodata for urban and suburban regions across the United States

McLean, Virginia, UNITED STATES

McLean, VA, Nov. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vricon is pleased to announce that a major U.S. telecommunications company recently acquired Vricon’s high-resolution 3D geodata to support large-scale 5G telecommunications network planning and design. Under the multimillion-dollar contract, Vricon will provide the firm with 3D data of urban and suburban population centers across the United States.

The company is leveraging Vricon’s recent innovations in mapping to accelerate 5G infrastructure planning nationwide. 5G increases the need for accurate, high-resolution geodata. Vricon’s unique big-data solution uses the world’s largest archive of 50cm commercial satellite imagery; the solution is built using automated 3D modeling algorithms that create cost-effective, scalable geodata. By adopting Vricon’s unique mapping technology, telecommunications companies accelerate their network designs while also passing along cost savings to consumers.

“This presents Vricon with a great opportunity to work with a leader in the telecommunications industry and support the industry’s 5G rollout,” said Magnus Brege, CEO of Vricon. “We see the potential in 5G to spark major innovations for both the consumer and business markets.”

The leap to 5G will reduce latency in networks, make network speeds 10 times faster, expand coverage, and increase capacity. The combination of these positive effects will enhance mobile connectivity, unlock the potential of the Internet of Things, and enable vehicle safety systems while empowering driverless cars. 

Vricon’s Telco Suite is a cost-effective, next-generation solution that helps telecommunications companies design networks for optimal performance. The Telco Suite is scalable and covers regional, country, metropolitan, and city-specific planning needs. 

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Vricon 3D building and vegetation vectors in Atlanta, USA. The Vricon Telco Suite leverages Big-Data and automation to reduce project cost and speed up implementation for large areas. Nationwide deliveries are available in months.

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