Prey for Business Offers Beta Location History Capability and New Fleet Status Dashboard

Map Timeline Lets Users See Where Device Has Been Over Time

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prey Inc., provider of the cross-platform, open source anti-theft software that protects more than eight million mobile devices, today announced upgrades to its Prey Anti-Theft software that include the beta version of Location History and the new enterprise Fleet Status Dashboard. Where previously Prey users had been able to retrieve a device location upon request, they can now automatically see and track their device movements over time. The new Fleet Status Dashboard provides a quick look at relevant data regarding all protected devices, their activity, and connectivity.

The beta version of Location History is currently open to the public and will transition to paid plans in a future developed version. The Fleet Status Dashboard is available for users with enterprise plans.

Location History
With all versions of Prey Anti-Theft featuring “Aware Tracking Settings” by default, Prey is able to track devices actively upon movement and after specific periods of time. This generates data and location records, private and owned by each user, necessary for the location history.

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Prey users simply open the device management tab in the settings menu to confirm that Aware Tracking is set to “ON.” Then, to access the Location History, users visit the device tab in the Online Panel, then access the phone, laptop, or tablet they want to monitor, and click on “Show Previous Locations” on the location pin. Users can then visualize all location pins in the map and filter by day and hour to discern how often a device moves. The View Details button on each location showcases Google Map snapshots, which include all nearby shops and points of interest to help identify the area.

Fleet Status Dashboard
This new data dashboard for Prey’s enterprise clients provides a summary and graphic look at the organization’s mobile device fleet, including connectivity status, demographics and device type, last received reports, location activity, number of missing devices, and their latest evidence reports, among other things.

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“Prey continues to upgrade the location and security features in Prey Anti-Theft,” said Carlos Yaconi, founder and CEO at Prey Inc. “Being able to provide Prey Anti-Theft users with the visual story of where their devices have been over time and their current state will allow IT administrators to see patterns in device movements that will be of major assistance when a device goes missing.”

Pricing & Availability
Pricing for Prey Business is based on the number of covered devices. It begins at $2 per device, all features included; as the purchased license time increases, the per-device price receives a discount. Prey also offers customized plans for a client's unique needs as well as discounts for educational institutions and NGOs. Prey basic is free for use protecting up to three devices. For more information visit

(Available for all major platforms: iOS, Android, Linux, Ubuntu, Windows and MacOS).

Interactive Resources
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