RapidFire Tools Inc. Adds Advanced Breach Detection System to Cyber Hawk Insider Threat Tool

The company’s flagship internal threat detection system gives MSPs Basic and Advanced options for identifying “Advanced Persistent Threats” on client networks

ATLANTA, Nov. 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RapidFire Tools Inc. announced today a new set of enhanced breach detection tools added to its Cyber Hawk insider threat detection solution. Cyber Hawk’s new “ABDS” (Advanced Breach Detection System) enhances its existing internal security scan with new technology that searches network endpoints for the telltale code that malicious hackers leave behind. These residual cyber “footholds” sit dormant on the network and are timed to eventually provide hackers with access to systems they’ve infiltrated, or to deploy malicious actions.

The new Breach Detection technology scans for keyloggers, trojans, spyware, unauthorized registry changes, or other malicious activity, and notifies the MSP through email or direct PSA integration when anything suspicious is detected. The alert content can also be viewed and managed through the RapidFire Tools online portal. The new technology requires no additional software or agents to be installed on the end-user’s network, in keeping with RapidFire Tools’ mission to provide non-intrusive, easily deployed detection solutions.

These lingering footholds, deployed by “Advanced Persistent Threats,” typically go unnoticed by anti-virus software, since they lie in wait on a client network and postpone their attack until a specified time. Some take as long as six months to actuate and result in a system compromise.

The Cyber Hawk ABDS add-on is offered in two options:

Cyber Hawk Basic breach detection is available at no additional cost to existing RapidFire Tools Cyber Hawk customers and can be immediately activated with a single click. Its weekly scans identify the type of threat detected and the affected system. RapidFire Tools recommends that all its MSP customers implement this service as part of their basic, lowest-tier security offering.

Cyber Hawk Advanced breach detection conducts daily scans and delivers specific information about the detected issue, including the exact location and affected files, making it easier for the MSP to remediate. The Advanced options carries an additional fee of $50 per month per customer site.

“Cyber security infractions are becoming more insidious and more challenging to unearth,” said Mike Mittel, CEO of RapidFire Tools. “Few companies can afford to rest on their laurels while hackers devise ways to implant nearly imperceptible threats on the network. RapidFire Tools is constantly working to enhance the capability of its tools, promoting a comprehensive approach to protection. MSPs need to apply a layered strategy of sophisticated solutions in order to combat these complex dangers and deliver an effective security services program. That’s why we developed the Advanced Breach Detection System.”

About RapidFire Tools

RapidFire Tools Inc. is the leading global supplier of business-building technology tools for MSPs to help them close more business, offer more services, keep more customers, and make more money. The company’s offerings include: a complete set of IT Assessment, Documentation and Reporting tools; tools for IT Compliance Process Automation; and tools for Insider Cyber Threat Detection & Alerting.

European distributors include: Achab (Italy); Acmeo (Austria, Germany, Switzerland); Prianto NL (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg); Prianto (UK); and Upstream (Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden).


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