The Jewelry Exchange first in industry to advertise lab grown diamond jewelry

TUSTIN, Calif., Nov. 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Jewelry Exchange offers a wide array of diamond jewelry styles that stand out during any occasion. Our diamond solitaires provide an elegant and radiant center stone set atop a solid gold band offering a classic yet elegant look and feel; halo rings provide a prominent center stone with surrounding accent diamonds for a dazzling designer style; three-stone rings offer a mix of brilliance and beauty with multiple larger diamonds; our  Goldenwest Lab-Grown (GLG) rings offer our newest diamond jewelry design with ethically sourced, environmentally conscious and ecologically friendly man-made diamonds. Our GLG diamonds are identical to Earth-mined diamonds without inflicting the social conflict or damage to the environment. 

Our current GLG collection features several exclusive finished styles of anniversary bands, stackable bands, and three-stone rings created with lab-grown diamonds using advanced technology that replicates the conditions found beneath the Earth’s surface where diamonds form.

To supplement these finished GLG diamond jewelry pieces, The Jewelry Exchange will now offer unique lab-grown center stones to be purchased separately to provide greater customization options to our customers that are looking to create their own diamond jewelry items. These lab-grown loose diamonds are a molecular and physical replication of Earth-mined stones with greater color and clarity as well as a more economical price without the ethical conflicts. Our new lab grown center stones will complement our existing line of lab-grown finished pieces, Earth-mined loose diamonds and Earth-mined finished pieces to create a full line of luxury diamond jewelry items with multiple options for our customers.


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