Bombora Launches Advanced B2B Marketing Measurement Suite

Historical Buyer Journey Analysis, Visitor Insights and Audience Verification Uncover the Business Buying Process

NEW YORK, Dec. 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Businesses can now understand exactly how new customers’ came to make a purchase decision over the previous 18 months — and adjust their marketing and sales strategies accordingly. That’s thanks to Historical Buyer Journey Analysis, part of a new advanced measurement suite that Bombora announced today.

Prospective customers complete 57% of the purchase process before they even approach a supplier, on average, according to Gartner.  With its newly released Historical Buyer Journey Analysis, Bombora shows companies exactly the specific topics prospective and actual buyers were interested in during the purchase research phase over the previous 18 months. By seeing what other customers researched before buying, companies can focus and strengthen their marketing and sales approaches to approach new prospects. B2B Marketers using Bombora’s data have reported results including 271% improvement on paid and social media, decreases in CPA costs of 41%, and shortening of sales cycles by more than 30%.

“Bombora helped us identify topic interests during the buyer’s journey,” said Leila Schwarz, Senior Manager Business Analytics and Insights at Juniper Networks. “We found that customers researched broad topics earlier in the journey, progressing later into more solution-focused and product-specific topics. This insight has helped us better prioritize and predict qualified opportunities.”

In addition to Historical Buyer Journey Analysis, Bombora’s new measurement suite encompasses Audience Verification — enabling a B2B marketer to see exactly which companies are seeing its ads, in which channels — and Visitor Insights, which enable that same marketer to capture warm sales leads by identifying companies that visit the customer’s site, even if they leave without initiating contact.  Visitor Insights can be used directly via the Bombora user interface or via direct synching with Google Analytics.

“Not everyone on a buying committee will visit your website,” said Just Media CEO Brandon Friesen. “But by getting them familiar with your brand during their research process, you’ll reduce friction at the point of purchase. Bombora’s new Audience Verification product changes the game because it validates that we’re reaching the businesses and decision makers we need to reach to maximize marketing ROI.”

“Given the group research and influence that characterizes business-to-business purchase cycles, marketers have had no visibility into who saw their ads, nor into how prospects navigated the path to purchase,” said Bombora Founder and CEO, Erik Matlick.  “Now B2B brands can tailor their marketing based on an understanding of past customer behavior, enabling them to be more relevant and effective in their digital and account-based campaigns.”

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