Griffon Pharmaceuticals appoints Dr. Marc Cluzel to Board of Directors

Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

MONTREAL, Dec. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Montreal-based biopharmaceutical company Griffon Pharmaceuticals Inc. (“Griffon”) announced today that Marc Cluzel, MD, PhD, joins the company’s Board of Directors.

Dr. Cluzel is an established and accomplished R&D executive with experience advancing assets from early preclinical stage to registration in the US, Europe and Japan. He is the former EVP of Global R&D at Sanofi and is the non-executive Chairman of MorphoSys AG.

John Huss, Chairman of the Board, comments: “Dr. Cluzel’s presence on our Board is yet another positive milestone for Griffon and allows the company to move forward with the clinical development of our lead compound with great confidence.”

Griffon’s lead compound, GP119 is a highly stable, next generation GRF-VIP analog with increased bioavailability for the treatment of excess visceral fat in HIV+ patients with lipodystrophy. It is a bifunctional peptide comprising GRF and VIP that have complimentary metabolic, cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory effects.

About Griffon Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Griffon is Montreal-based biotechnology company developing GP119, a differentiated, first-in-class bifunctional GRF-VIP analog for the treatment of excess visceral fat in HIV+ patients with lipodystrophy (LD-HIV). GP119 represents an exciting opportunity to drive treatment for patients with LD-HIV, an underserved market, with potential for expansion into new indications.

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