AV LinkPro, a Crestron Partner Helps Elite Pro Dealer Win Coveted 2018 North American Home Technology Award

Fairfield NJ, Dec. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Crestron Electronics, a world leader in home automation, recently announced the North American winners of their 2018-2019 Global Home Technology Awards.  The award for best residential integration utilizing a Crestron Partner went to Restrepo Innovations of Paramus, New Jersey for their application using the AV LinkPro™ PBX Bridge on their Maplewood, New Jersey residential project. The unique system provided by AV LinkPro™ for this location is designed to allow audio and video intercom functionality throughout the residence and seamlessly integrate into the Crestron environment.

“We are pleased to have been able to participate with the Restrepo Innovations project in Maplewood and proud to have made it possible for this dealer to be selected for such a high honor,” said Jon Miller, AV LinkPro™ Product Manager.

“We chose the AV LinkPro™ solution because of its unique ability to make the Ring doorbell station seamlessly talk and interact with the Crestron system,” Said the owner of Restrepo Innovations, Michael Restrepo. “Since the installation, the system has operated flawlessly and has never needed to be rebooted or serviced”.

When Restrepo Innovations, an Elite Pro Crestron dealer was faced with the challenge of connecting the popular Ring doorbell to their client’s Crestron integrated home, they turned to AV LinkPro™. AV LinkPro is a Crestron Integration partner and a reliable solution that solved their client’s in-home audio and video communication issues.

AV LinkPro™ was designed and developed to assist dealers with integration of the latest audio and video intercom as well as VOIP telephony solutions in high end residential applications. The system is designed to bridge connectivity with a variety of products that would normally not easily interface and make a unified, fully connected communication solution possible with home automation system environments like that of Crestron.

About AV LinkPro: The only SIP-based system offering full H.264 HD video streaming, RTSP transport, multicast video, full intercom communication and custom level programming. AV LinkPro is a communication bridge for SIP, IP, and TCP/IP integration creating a fully functional solution.  Crestron Integration Partner Solution.

About Restrepo Innovations: Restrepo Innovations is a concierge AV and automation company driven by our extensive knowledge and experience, passion for technology, and dedication to client satisfaction. Specializing in complex systems, large scale homes and estates. Learn more about Restrepo Innovations by visiting their website.

About Crestron Electronics: Providers of customized luxury smart home automation to scalable out-of-the-box collaborative tools.  Creating automation solutions that transform the way people live their lives since 1971. Provider of top-of-the-line electronics and helping customers invest in scalable and customized solutions while offering 24.7 global service and support.

About AlltecPro: AlltecPro manufactures and provides consumer technology and professional audio/video products, equipment and accessories for commercial and residential applications. Constantly innovating technology to improve personal lifestyles and creating exceptional experiences for simple integration. AlltecPro works with a network of thousands of independent integrators that design, construct, install and manage technology around the world.  The accomplished and knowledgeable staff assists customers using their years of industry experience to advise and assist in any installation or purchasing decision. 


Crestron 2018-2019 Global Home Technology Awards AV LinkPro by AlltecPro

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