Feelunique–Europe’s largest online beauty retailer–expands partnership with Moovweb

Feelunique will introduce a new App-like Mobile Site powered by Moovweb

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Feelunique, Europe’s largest online beauty retailer, announced today that it has expanded its long-standing partnership with Moovweb, by building an innovative Progressive Web App (PWA) with The Moovweb Experience Delivery Network (XDN) that powers modern mobile experiences for the world’s leading brands.

The company’s new eCommerce experience will allow shoppers to browse, checkout and purchase items as fast as an app in their mobile browser without requiring a mobile app download. Powered by The Moovweb XDN, the new web experience will dramatically speed up mobile shopping–search, browsing and buying products–leveraging PWA technology. 

Now that page load speed is a key factor for SEO thanks to new rules that rank which mobile sites appear first on Google, best-in-class eCommerce brands are utilizing PWA technology. With PWAs, follow-up pages are pre-cached giving the shopper instantaneous page transitions. The entire online shopping experience is incredibly fast, reliable and feels like an app.

“With Moovweb XDN, our development team can now deliver lighting-fast performance through advanced caching, prefetching and combining API calls on the server side–all configurable directly in our JavaScript code. This is light years beyond what can be accomplished by legacy responsive web methodologies,” said Neil Landon, Chief Technology Officer at Feelunique.com.

The Moovweb platform also allows the development team to easily convert native app APIs to work inside a PWA and create new synthetic APIs for capabilities including demand generation, SEO, and CMS content that previously lacked API support. And time to launch is over several weeks, not months.

“Feelunique has a passionate customer base so it’s great to see them embracing an innovative Progressive Web App for a highly personalized, faster and more engaging shopper experience,” said Moovweb CEO Ajay Kapur. “Beyond a dramatic increase in mobile site speed, retailers building PWAs with Moovweb are seeing a huge improvement in mobile conversions.”

About Feelunique

Founded in 2005, Feelunique has grown to become Europe’s largest online beauty retailer with an unrivalled choice of more than 32,000 products from 500 brands across beauty, makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrance, accessories, and electricals. The global retailer does shipping to over 120 countries worldwide, with dedicated websites in the UK, France, Germany, Norway, China, the EU, and the US.

About Moovweb

Moovweb provides The Moovweb Experience Delivery Network (XDN)–intelligent infrastructure to deliver sub-second digital shopping experiences for enterprises worldwide. Moovweb uses secure cloud technology, sophisticated caching and rendering as well as APIs to unify web, mobile and app experiences by leveraging existing investments to build next-generation digital experiences. With Moovweb, new sites can be launched in several weeks on your existing eCommerce Platform.  Current Moovweb customers include 1-800-FLOWERS, Pep Boys, Kirkland’s, Peet's Coffee and other innovative brands and retailers around the world.

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