The Jewelry Exchange launches TrueRadiant™ line of Lab Grown Jewelry at $499 per carat

TUSTIN, Calif., Dec. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Jewelry Exchange has announced the launch of their TrueRadiant™ line of lab grown diamond Jewelry at $499 per carat, an incredible value compared to DeBeers’ Lightbox™ line, which is priced at $800 per carat. Lightbox™ claims to have 1 ct. diamonds, however at the time of this press release their website says they are sold out.

“We have loose lab grown diamonds available to the public, all the way up to 1 ct., for $499,” says Bill Doddridge, president and CEO of the Jewelry Exchange. “In addition, we carry hundreds of certified lab grown diamonds, including rare larger sizes and fancy shapes at 50% or more off the wholesale Rappaport price.”

TrueRadiant™ is launching its lab grown diamond line with a full complement of rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, semi mounts, and loose diamonds, all the way up to 1 ct. loose diamonds available for immediate purchase. Lightbox™ at this time only carries pendants and earrings and only recently announced plans to add rings and bracelets to their lines late next year.

“We are leading the industry in lab grown diamond jewelry,” says Bill Doddridge. “No one else has been able to produce a full line of lab grown diamond jewelry for retail sale and our prices are a fraction of the competition. We were the first in the industry to advertise lab grown diamond jewelry on TV, nationwide.”

The Jewelry Exchange’s price for finished lab grown diamond jewelry includes the cost of the mounting, generally 10k or 14k gold, Unlike Lightbox™, who charges $100 for silver mountings and $200 for 10k gold.

The Jewelry Exchange has Hundreds of styles across all categories currently available in the TrueRadiant™ line, with more being added daily, and produces individual pieces up to 3 ct. total weight, with larger pieces on the way.

Lab grown diamonds are widely considered to have less impact on the environment, and generally cost less than earth grown stones while maintaining the same quality, brilliance, and beauty of their earth grown counterparts.

Goldenwest Diamond Corporation is the parent company of The Jewelry Exchange and The Jewelry Factory.

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