Allied Esports™ Announces Formation of World’s First Affiliate Program for Esports Venues

Allied Esports™ Property Network to Offer Members Access to Global Events and Content, Expertise in Design and Operations, and Unique Sponsorship OpportunitiesFortress Esports Joins Program with Partnership Covering Exclusive Rights to New Properties in Australia and New Zealand

Newport Beach, California, UNITED STATES

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., Dec. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Allied Esports™, a global esports entertainment company, today announced the formation of the world’s first esports venue affiliate program – the Allied Esports Property Network – created for global partners interested in participating in Allied Esports’ global event programming, and licensing Allied Esports’ design, development and operations expertise for their own dedicated esports venues.


The Allied Esports Property Network will provide members with access to Allied Esports’ global platform of events and content production, providing participants and viewers with integrated experiences both in-person and online. Affiliate members will be fully incorporated into Allied Esports’ global tournament ecosystem, offering teams and players the opportunity to participate in high-stakes events worldwide, culminating in live events held at Allied Esports’ flagship location, HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas.


“The Allied Esports Property Network aligns like-minded operators around the world, which we believe is a recipe for building even more powerful offerings for gamers, streamers, teams, sponsors and fans to create unparalleled experiences and content together,” said Jud Hannigan, CEO of Allied Esports. “As we continue to add more global flagship properties and expand our fleet of esports trucks, this new affiliate program will organically grow our footprint worldwide and provide members with an incredible opportunity to participate in our event and content calendar, while operating their own facilities in a way that best suits their respective regions and customer base.”


Moving forward, Allied Esports’ global assets will include two categories of properties: proprietary, such as HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas, the Esports Studio in Hamburg, Germany, and its fleet of esports trucks; and affiliate partners, which now include U.S.-based Esports Arena Orange County and Esports Arena Oakland, and China-based Lianmeng Dianjing Beijing Arena, Lianmeng Dianjing SEG Shenzhen Arena, Lianmeng Dianjing Tianjin Arena, Lianmeng Dianjing Gui’an Arena and Lianmeng Dianjing LGD Hangzhou Arena.


Allied Esports also announced a multi-year agreement with Fortress Esports Pty Ltd, a new gaming, esports and entertainment venue enterprise in Australia, that will include exclusive rights to esports venue development in Australia and New Zealand. The first Fortress Esports venue to be part of the Allied Esports Property Network is expected to open in Melbourne in 2019.


“Fortress Esports is thrilled to join the Allied Esports Property Network. Live, social video gaming and esports is an emerging phenomenon in Australia and New Zealand, and we believe our partnership with Allied will provide us with a formidable edge to shape and define the market for years to come,” said Jon Satterley, CEO, Fortress Esports. “A Fortress isn’t just an esports arena and venue. It’s a community hub and social gathering place. A place for friends to meet and play video games together. An inclusive, friendly and welcoming home for every kind of games lover.”


The Allied Esports Property Network will also offer exclusive brand licensing rights and participation in proprietary tournaments and event programming, as well as expert guidance for venue development; design conceptualization and planning; tournament organization; and content creation and distribution. Affiliate program members will also have access to shared sponsorship opportunities with Allied Esports’ partners spanning North America, Europe and China. All Allied Esports Property Network members will be designated by the Allied Esports Property Network logo on display at each location.


About Allied Esports

Allied Esports is a premier esports entertainment company with a global network of dedicated esports properties and content production facilities. Its mission is to connect players, streamers and fans via integrated arenas and mobile esports trucks around the world that serve as both gaming battlegrounds and every day content generation hubs. Allied Esports is a subsidiary of Ourgame International (SEHK:899), owner of WPT Enterprises, Inc., the operator of The World Poker Tour®.


Through direct operation and affiliate relationships via the Allied Esports Property Network, the first esports venue affiliate program available to partners looking to open new esports facilities around the world, Allied Esports locations currently include 11 properties in the top three esports markets across the globe: North America’s HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas, Esports Arena Orange County, Esports Arena Oakland and Esports Truck “Big Meta”; Europe’s ELC Gaming Esports Truck “Big Betty” and Esports Studio in Hamburg, Germany; and China’s Lianmeng Dianjing in Beijing, Lianmeng Dianjing SEG Arena in Shenzhen, Lianmeng Dianjing Tianjin Arena, Lianmeng Dianjing Gui’an Arena and Lianmeng Dianjing LGD Hangzhou Arena. The Allied Esports Property Network’s 12th property, run by Fortress Esports, is expected to open in Melbourne, Australia in 2019.


For more information, visit and follow @AlliedEsports on social media.


About Fortress Esports

Fortress Esports is a new entrant into the video game and esports industries with one goal in mind: to transform live, social gaming as an entertainment pursuit for millions of players and fans. Considering football, baseball, cricket (we are Australian!) and other sports enjoy extensive infrastructure across cities, suburbs and regional areas, Fortress believes the time is now to create the same supportive, grassroots facilities to promote the growing interest in esports.


Every Fortress built across Australia and New Zealand will be a shrine to video games and related gaming culture. It begins with esports - and arenas to support competition - but also extends to the simple joy of picking up a controller and playing a game with a friend. Great food and drink, themed lounges, big screen action, seven-days-a-week.


Fortresses will be in the best locations, with high quality fit-out and facilities, regular events, community and membership rewards backed by a staff committed to providing welcoming, inclusive, exhilarating fun.


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