Visual Studio Magazine, an 1105 Media, Inc. Product, Announces 25th Annual Reader's Choice Award Winners

Woodland Hills, CA, Dec. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Visual Studio Magazine today announced the winners of its 25th annual Reader's Choice Awards. The winners are chosen by the readers of Visual Studio Magazine and honor the best Visual Studio- and .NET Framework-related tools and services in what has been expanded to 40 categories.

"This year's survey is the biggest ever," said David Ramel, editor in chief of Visual Studio Magazine. "It has been expanded to include cutting-edge offerings in evolving areas such as data science and artificial intelligence. With things changing so fast, it has never been so important to have an impartial, objective source of development tool guidance."

Visual Studio Magazine presented three awards per category: Gold, Silver and Bronze. These are based on the responses of Visual Studio Magazine subscribers. Earlier this year an e-mail invitation was sent to subscribers to vote for their favorite and most-trusted tools and products and the responses were collected over a two-week time period. The online ballot, which was compiled by the editors of Visual Studio Magazine, included more than 400 products.

The winner's list is available in a special edition PDF available for download here.

Here is the list of the top award recipients for each individual category:

Component Suite: Desktop (WinForms, WPF)
Gold: Developer Express DevExpress DXperience Subscription
Silver: Progress Telerik UI for WPF
Bronze: ComponentOne Studio Enterprise

Component Suite: Web (ASP.NET, HTML5, JavaScript, XAML)
Gold: Developer Express DevExpress Universal
Silver: Progress KendoUI
Bronze: Infragistics Ultimate

Component Suite: Cross-Platform (Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.)
Gold: Progress Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core
Silver: Developer Express DevExpress DevExtreme Subscription
Bronze: Syncfusion Essential Studio for Xamarin/p>

Component: Grid & Spreadsheet
Gold: Developer Express DevExpress Grid Control
Silver: Aspose.Cells for .NET
Bronze: SpreadsheetGear 2017 for .NET

Component: Chart, Gauge, Graph & Flow
Gold: Developer Express DevExpress Chart Control
Silver: Software FX Inc. Chart FX
Bronze: GrapeCity Wijmo FlexChart

Component: Imaging, Image Processing & Drawing
Gold: Aspose.Imaging for .NET
Silver: LEAD Technologies LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro
Bronze: Intel Integrated Performance Primitives

Component: Mapping/GIS
Gold: Developer Express DevExpress Map Control
Silver: ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET
Bronze: InfoSoft FusionMaps XT

Component: Text, OCR, Scanning & Barcode
Gold: Developer Express DevExpress RTF Control
Silver: Aspose.OCR for .NET
Bronze: Aspose.BarCode for .NET

Component: UI, Toolbar, Menu, Ribbon
Gold: Developer Express DevExpress Ribbon & Toolbar Control
Silver: Progress Telerik DevCraft
Bronze: ComponentOne Studio for WPF

Component: Multi-Document Processing
Gold: Developer Express DevExpress Office File API
Silver: Aspose.Words for .NET
Bronze: ComponentOne Studio for WinForms

Software Design, Frameworks & Modeling Tools
Gold: Developer Express eXpressApp Framework by DevExpress
Silver: IBM Rational Rose Developer for Visual Studio
Bronze: Devart Entity Developer

Performance, Profiling & Debugging Tools
Gold: JetBrains dotTools (dotCover, dotMemory, dotPeek, dotTrace)
Silver: Redgate ANTS Performance Profiler
Bronze: Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector

General Development Tools (includes IDEs)
Gold: JetBrains ReSharper
Silver: Altova XMLSpy
Bronze: JetBrains Rider

Collaboration, Project Management & Agile Solutions
Gold: Atlassian Bitbucket
Silver: JetBrains TeamCity
Bronze: VisualSVN

ALM, SCM & Requirements Management
Gold: VisualSVN Server
Silver: IBM Rational ClearCase
Bronze: CollabNet TeamForge

BI, Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) & BI Development Studio
Gold: Developer Express DevExpress Dashboard
Silver: SAP Crystal Reports for Visual Studio
Bronze: GrapeCity ActiveReports Server

Bug, Defect & Feature Tracking
Gold: Atlassian JIRA
Silver: Smartbear Software Collaborator
Bronze: Gauffin Interactive AB OneTrueError

Software Testing & Quality Assurance
Gold: JetBrains dotCover
Silver: Developer Express TestCafe by DevExpress
Bronze: Zen Program NDepend

FTP, E-mail & Network Connectivity
Gold: GoDaddy Email
Silver: Xceed SFTP for .NET
Bronze: Catalyst Development SocketTools .NET Edition

Reporting, Analysis & Visualization
Gold: Developer Express DevExpress Reports
Silver: SAP Crystal Reports 2016
Bronze: Progress Telerik Reporting

Databases, Data Development & Modeling
Gold: Redgate SQL Toolbelt
Silver: Developer Express DevExpress eXpress Persistent Objects
Bronze: Quest Software Toad for SQL Server

Big Data/Data Analytics/Data Science
Gold: Tableau
Silver: Apache Spark
Bronze: RStudio

SharePoint Components & Tooling
Gold: DevExpress ASP.NET Subscription
Silver: Sharegate Migration
Bronze: ArcGIS Esri Maps for SharePoint

PDF & Print/Preview Components & Tools
Gold: Developer Express DevExpress PDF Viewer
Silver: ActivePDF Toolkit
Bronze: Accusoft PDF Xpress

Mobile Development Tools & Frameworks
Gold: Developer Express DevExpress DevExtreme Subscription
Silver: GrapeCity ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin
Bronze: Progress NativeScript

Middleware, SOA & Server-Based Tools
Gold: ComponentSpace SAML Suite for .NET
Silver: SAP Crystal Server 2016
Bronze: GrapeCity Documents

Web Design, Development Tools & Frameworks
Gold: Adobe CreativeCloud
Silver: GrapeCity Wijmo
Bronze: XB Software Webix UI Library

Productivity Tools
Gold: Redgate SQL Prompt
Silver: Developer Express CodeRush
Bronze: Devart Code Compare

Content Management Systems
Gold: N2 Open Source ASP.NET CMS
Silver: Orchard CMS
Bronze: Kentico CMS

Cloud Development Tools
Gold: AWS Lambda
Silver: VMware vCloud Suite
Bronze: Cerebrata Azure Management Studio

Security & Copy Protection
Gold: Redgate SQL Provision
Silver: Code Signing Certificate
Bronze: CrypKey SDK

Installation, Setup & Deployment Tools
Gold: Flexera Software InstallShield
Silver: InstallAware Software InstallAware
Bronze: Indigo Rose Software MSI Factory

Parallel & Multicore Development Tools
Gold: Intel C/C++ Compiler
Silver: Intel Parallel Studio XE
Bronze: PostSharp Technologies PostSharp Threading

Web Hosting
Gold: myASP.NET
Silver: HostGator
Bronze: Discount ASP.NET Hosting

Help Authoring
Gold: Adobe RoboHelp
Silver: Document! X and HelpStudio
Bronze: VSdocman

Gold: Atlassian
Silver: AWS CodeBuild
Bronze: Chef

Developer Training Resources
Gold: Pluralsight
Silver: Coursera
Bronze: Developer Express DevExpress Online Training

Specialized Search Engines
Gold: Google Search Appliance
Silver: Elasticsearch
Bronze: Apache Lucene

Containers & Docker
Gold: Google Kubernetes Engine
Silver: Amazon Elastic Container Service
Bronze: Red Hat Container Development Kit

AI/Cognitive Services/Machine Learning
Gold: TensorFlow
Silver: IBM Watson
Bronze: Accord.NET

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