Aviso Achieves Record-High Accuracy Rates for AI-powered Sales Predictions

Leading AI for Sales Solution Raises the Bar with Self-Learning Algorithms

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Dec. 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aviso, the leading provider of AI-powered opportunity management and forecasting solutions that increase revenue, today announced that its WinScore™ accuracy rates have hit a record high, stemming from continuous improvements within Aviso’s industry-leading AI-based algorithms. Aviso’s newest solution, announced in September, helps customers close 20 percent more deals per quarter with opportunity management that mines intelligence on each and every deal, delivering win scores that are incredibly accurate, with AI-powered insights and analysis to drive sales actions.  

As described by Jay Flanagan, Sn. Director, Strategy and Business Transformation, Global Business Services, Dell EMC, “We’ve been very impressed with how accurate the Aviso WinScores have been for our business. In our first quarter using Aviso they were 99.8 percent accurate at predicting our sales forecast whereas our own team was closer to the high 80’s. We’ve seen tremendous value in our first quarter using Aviso.”

Aviso WinScores deliver the exact statistical probability to close for each deal in your pipeline. Aviso makes these predictions early in the quarter, when there is still enough time to take action. In Q3 alone we analyzed hundreds of thousands of deals and our WinScores averaged an incredible 92 percent accuracy.

Aggregate AI-powered forecasting predictions also set new accuracy records for us in Q3. Aviso projects quarter end closing numbers each and every day of the quarter for our customers. We hold ourselves particularly accountable for our Day 1 accuracy rates and we were able to achieve an impressive 91 percent forecast accuracy rate across our entire customer base.

“AI is enabling sales teams with better intelligence around forecasting and opportunity management through highly accurate scoring that suggests next best steps and improves win rates,” said Dana Therrien, Practice Leader, Sales Operations Strategies, SiriusDecisions. “We think AI will help make sales people more accurate and effective while improving productivity.”

Aviso WinScores are much more than simple opportunity scores, because they deliver the exact statistical probability of each deal in your pipeline closing. The pinpoint accuracy of Aviso WinScores is valuable to sales leaders because it enables sales teams to get a data-driven evaluation of every deal early in the quarter, providing ample time for teams to direct sales activity and attention to the right deals at the right times. WinScores are particularly adept at identifying “at risk” and “upside” deals, directing teams to take specific corrective action when it matters most in order to drive better sales outcomes.

“Our customers are getting tremendous value from our AI-driven forecasts. Typically companies do not have reliable bottoms-up forecasts early in the quarter and are often flying blind using simple pipeline ratios and statistics. Only Aviso provides early forecasts with precision accuracy to solve that age-old problem,” said Michael Lock, CEO of Aviso. “We enable our customers to accurately identify opportunities and challenges early in the quarter so they can take action before it’s too late, ensuring they improve their win rates and drive more revenue for their companies. The time is now for sales teams to embrace these valuable applications and begin applying predictability to sales.”

About Aviso
Aviso helps sales organizations close more deals with AI-powered opportunity management that delivers highly accurate win scores and actionable insights. Deal predictability is inexact and often unrealistic, usually led by gut instinct.  With Aviso, that changes with AI-based WinScores™, that are >90% accurate. Aviso WinScores™, combined with Opportunity Insights and Opportunity Maps, instantly show sales managers and reps which deals to focus on, and when. Unlike CRM solutions that simply reflect what the business already knows, Aviso uncovers new intelligence and insights to help close specific deals. Leading sales teams are adopting AI from Aviso to take control of their opportunities and drive more revenue with more predictability. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Redwood City, California, Aviso serves customers across North America from its offices in California and New York.

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