National Radiology Leaders Join Forces to Improve Patient Care

Radiology Imaging Associates, PC (RIA) (Denver) and South Texas Radiology Group (STRG) (San Antonio) are founding members of Covalent Radiology

DENVER, CO, Jan. 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Two nationally recognized private radiology practices have announced formal integration with the creation of Covalent Radiology, a professional services company; and Covalent Healthcare Management, a full service management services organization. The Covalent companies, which are owned by member physicians and governed by a member physician-only Board of Directors, were created by radiologists from RIA and STRG for the benefit of radiologists.

"We are thrilled to announce this alliance after two years of extensive strategic and operational planning. Our goals in creating Covalent are to provide a vehicle for radiology practices that wish to remain independent and physician-led, to help practices maintain control of their revenue streams, and to improve how patient care is delivered at all of our sites of service nationally," said President of Covalent Radiology, Peter Ricci, MD, a neuroradiologist based in Denver. "We recognize that radiology practices across the United States are facing increasing pressure to abandon the private practice of medicine. We believe that will only further commoditize our specialty and that physician-led and patient-centric decision-making are the best ways to improve quality and add value."

Covalent Radiology has appointed Bill Ziemke, JD LLM MBA CPA as Chief Executive Officer. With 20 years as a C-suite executive and global experience in 25 countries, Ziemke combined his radiology practice, manufacturing, legal, accounting and leadership experience to assist in the design and implementation of both Covalent Radiology and Covalent Healthcare Management.

"We’ve created a governance model to improve decision-making in private radiology practices and an operational model that provides a better return for our members and, ultimately, delivers the most cost effective and efficient practice," said Ziemke. "The members will control the company and its future, using best-in-class practices for imaging quality measurement, Clinical Council-led standardization enterprise-wide, and enhanced data analytics and reporting."

To learn more about Covalent Radiology, contact Bill Ziemke or Peter Ricci, MD at 303.984.8800, email, or visit the website at

About Radiology Imaging Associates, PC (RIA)

RIA is a leading provider of diagnostic and interventional radiology services in the Mountain West. Founded in the 1960s, RIA is the recognized leader in imaging quality in its markets, with sub-specialized radiologists providing services for all major non-university hospital systems in Colorado. The team provides 24-hour coverage for neuroradiology, body imaging, pediatric imaging, and general radiology; operates dedicated Interventional and Neurointerventional Clinics, and directs clinical research trials through an internal research division. For more information, visit

About South Texas Radiology Group (STRG)

STRG is the largest private practice radiology group in South Texas. Based in San Antonio, STRG has served the region since 1950. Today, STRG radiologists provide sub-specialized services across South Texas in all areas of radiology and support local, national, and international clinical trials via the Core Lab Research Division.


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