Special Aerospace Services Hosts 4th Biennial Human Spaceflight Exploration Forum

An Exclusive Gathering of Industry Leaders and Innovators

BOULDER, Colo., Jan. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Special Aerospace Services (SAS) is pleased to once again host the exclusive 4th Biennial Human Spaceflight Exploration Forum, January 23-25, 2019, in Boulder, Colorado. Bringing together top government and industry insiders, this event features an elite discussion of current and future commercial space endeavors.

“With major shifts occurring in the aerospace industry, including the evolution of NASA exploration missions, Commercial Crew developments and the direction of National Security Space and the proposed Space Force, the timing of this event could not be more crucial,” said Heather Bulk, CEO and Co-Founder of SAS. “It is imperative for executives from established and startup companies, as well as the investor community, to gather and discuss the risks, rewards, and challenges in this ever-changing environment.”

High level executives will gather to discuss candidly the challenges of commercial human and nonhuman Spaceflight endeavors. SAS will facilitate vital discussions with an emphasis on this key topic - Space Commercialization and Viability: a Candid Discussion. Additionally, special topics will include Public Private Partnerships and Commercial Lunar Endeavors, as well as U.S. Government Procurement of Commercial Services.

“As we move into a dynamic 2019, it is in everyone’s best interest for government and industry leaders to gather and openly discuss the commercial viability of space endeavors,” said Bulk.

At the event itself, there will be no press, no social media, and no post meeting attribution. Attendees will have the liberty to discuss the pressing issues informally and with candor.

The Human Spaceflight Exploration Forum will be held at the beautiful St. Julien Hotel in downtown Boulder, Colo. Sponsorship is available. Please visit www.specialaerospaceservices.com/forum for registration information. Interested parties may contact Angie Jaffords at synergyeventmgmt@gmail.com.

SAS Contact:
Alexis Mickevicius
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