Cognoa Selected by Cambia Health Solutions to Provide Support for Employees Raising Young Children

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cognoa, a digital behavioral health company, announced today that Cambia Health Solutions, Inc. (Cambia) is incorporating Cognoa’s evidence-based platform within its subsidiary health plans. Cognoa provides support for employees caring for children older than one. Cognoa offers reliable guidance on day-to-day challenges and personalized resources that enable parents to assess, track, and positively impact their children’s unique developmental growth.

As part of its commitment to providing innovative benefit solutions, Cambia will offer Cognoa through its regional health plans. Through Cambia, employers will be able to offer Cognoa to their employees to support parents with common parenting challenges and the developmental health of their children, while also identifying children who are at risk for developmental delays, including autism.

Professionals in the benefits space are increasingly recognizing increased demand for benefits that support employees throughout challenging situations and transitions. 96 percent of millennials say that health benefits are the most important factor when deciding between job opportunities. Benefits that demonstrate a corporate culture of empathy and inclusion are becoming critical to attract and retain top talent. While many companies invest heavily in supporting employees through family planning, pregnancy, and the first year of parenting, Cognoa’s platform provides a unique approach to supporting families through the key developmental stages after the first year.

“We are proud to be part of Cambia’s progressive benefit offerings to employers,” said Brent Vaughan, CEO of Cognoa. “The early childhood years are challenging and stressful for parents and caregivers, in addition to being the most formative for a child’s cognitive and behavioral development. Today, employers can help families in this important time by directly empowering parents to better support their children’s development and strengthen communications with their pediatricians. In doing so, companies create a more inclusive environment by supporting employees in all aspects of their lives.”

Cognoa empowers employees with children so that they can be fully engaged at work and feel confident and equipped throughout the early childhood years. Used by over 250,000 parents, Cognoa’s evidence-based solution enables parents to better understand the developmental health and progress of their children and identify whether their children could benefit from more support during the critical early developmental growth window. By providing personalized resources and advice from child development specialists, Cognoa supports parents throughout the key stages of early childhood – from how to handle tantrums and sleep issues to preparing their child for the arrival of a new sibling.

By bringing access to Cognoa’s suite of personalized resources, Cambia is helping to fill current gaps in behavioral and developmental healthcare for children – so that all children have the best opportunities to reach their full potential.

About Cognoa
Cognoa is developing AI-based digital diagnostics and personalized therapies that are designed to make earlier diagnoses and effective treatments available to more children to improve outcomes and lower behavioral healthcare costs. When more physicians are empowered to identify and begin treating behavioral conditions and developmental delays earlier, more children have the opportunity to benefit from treatments at a younger age when there is the greatest potential for improved lifelong outcomes. Cognoa currently provides the Cognoa Child Development app via partnerships with employers, payees, and ABA therapy centers to empower parents and caregivers to better support their children’s unique behavioral health and growth. Cognoa is developing a diagnostic device intended to aid healthcare providers to deliver a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder for children at risk for developmental delays. Cognoa intends to seek FDA review and clearance that will allow the company to support diagnostic claims with robust clinical data. For more information, visit

About Cambia Health Solutions
Cambia Health Solutions, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is dedicated to transforming health care. We put people at the heart of everything we do as we work to make the health care system more economically-sustainable and efficient for people and their families. Our company reaches more than 70 million Americans nationwide, including more than two million people in the Pacific Northwest who are enrolled in our regional health plans. To learn more about us, visit or


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