Arvig Extending Fiber Network from Scott County, Minnesota, to the Nebraska Data Centers in Omaha

PERHAM, Minn., Jan. 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Arvig, a Minnesota-based broadband service provider, is extending its fiber network from Scott County to the Nebraska Data Centers in Omaha. This project will expand Arvig’s service area by more than 350 fiber route miles, providing a connection from the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area directly to Omaha.

“The connection increases the diversity and redundancy of our network and is an indication of Arvig’s commitment to continued investment in its growth and expansion beyond the state of Minnesota,” said David Arvig, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Arvig.

“The continued expansion of our network improves the reliability of our internet services, ensuring our current customers receive the best experience available and we can extend that offering to new customers,” said Ben Wiechman, Director of IP Strategy and Engineering at Arvig. “Currently we peer with multiple carriers in Minneapolis for internet connectivity. A presence in Omaha provides access to additional carriers as well as a second internet exchange to better serve our customers.”

The addition of the Nebraska Data Centers brings the total data centers within Arvig’s network to ten and provides meet points in the central states for customers.  The centralized location provides increased safety to the network and enhanced ability to connect to nationwide carriers. The extension of the Arvig lit network is planned to be complete by April 2019.

About Arvig
Established in 1950, Arvig is one of the largest independent fiber broadband and telecommunications providers in the nation. The company has a fiber network in excess of 10,000 fiber route miles in Minnesota and Nebraska and provides services to telecommunications companies, wireless carriers, and 47,000 internet customers in Minnesota. In addition to broadband services, Arvig also provides business phone systems, security, business IT, along with residential internet, telephone and television services. It serves multiple industries and has completed projects for numerous schools, resorts, financial institutions, hospitals and more. For additional information, visit Arvig online at


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