WANdisco Breaks Down the Barrier to Multi-Cloud Data Deployments with General Availability of LiveData for MultiCloud

Distributed consensus technology enables enterprises to keep data consistent across multiple cloud environments

SAN RAMON, Calif., Jan. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WANdisco (LSE: WAND), the LiveData company, announced today the general availability of LiveData for MultiCloud, a new addition to its WANdisco Fusion distributed computing platform for enterprises. Powered by a patented, high-performance consensus technology called DConE, LiveData for MultiCloud solves the exponentially growing challenge of keeping data available and consistent across multiple cloud environments in different geographies. LiveData for MultiCloud will enable enterprises to keep data accessible and accurate while moving to the cloud; operating in mixed hybrid cloud environments; and continuously replicating data across multiple regions, sites and storage systems.

Multi-cloud architecture planning is fast becoming a strategic IT priority with the multi-cloud management market expected to grow to $4.4bn by 2022. As data sources become increasingly distributed across on-premise and multi-cloud environments, there’s a growing demand for new technologies to replace manual operations and legacy data protection tools which are prone to a variety of risks. LiveData for MultiCloud provides enterprise architects access to a powerful distributed platform to enable multi-cloud operations, including large scale data migrations without disruption. It is the only platform that enables continuous replication of data at petabyte scale with zero data loss and zero downtime across multiple cloud environments.

Using multiple data centers and cloud service providers ensures resilience against a material cloud outage, including those caused by natural disasters; however, a consistent data lifecycle management model continues to be a vexing problem to overcome. LiveData for MultiCloud ensures data availability by reducing latency and points of failure, enabling unmatched data consistency and resiliency in any cloud environment.

“Due to the rapid pace of innovation in areas like AI, blockchain, and IoT applications, enterprises are no longer working with just one cloud provider,” said WANdisco CEO and co-founder David Richards. “CTOs and CIOs want to move their organizations to multi-cloud architectures to protect themselves from over-reliance on a single cloud vendor and to avoid lock-in. A multi-cloud strategy avoids this, and enables companies to take advantage of each cloud’s unique or best-performing capabilities. LiveData for MultiCloud allows enterprises to select specific clouds for specific jobs to maximize business performance.”

The availability of LiveData for MultiCloud highlights a year of milestones for WANdisco including:

  • Obtaining a blockchain patent for WANdisco’s Distributed Coordination Engine™ (DConE)
  • Securing its largest cloud contract to date ($3 million) with major US health insurer
  • Extending Hadoop services beyond distributing data across multiple data lakes by introducing broad Hadoop value-added offerings for multi-cloud environments including Hive, BigSQL, Ranger, Knox, among others
  • Introducing new support for multi-cloud object storage and blob storage
  • Securing a second major OEM sales agreement with Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, expands reach beyond initial major OEM with IBM
  • Achieving Elite Co-sell status through the Microsoft One Commercial Partner Program

Hundreds of enterprise customers, such as AMD, Daimler AG and Morgan Stanley, already rely on WANdisco’s Fusion enterprise software with DConE for source code management, big data disaster recovery and data center migrations. A proprietary consensus technology developed by WANdisco, DConE enables active-active replication of data without any single points of failure or scalability bottlenecks.

LiveData for MultiCloud Key Benefits

  • Boost productivity and reduce costs by enabling consistent real-time data access and collaboration across a globally distributed organization
  • Effectively maintains the perception of a single server system performing at LAN-speed in a distributed environment in which the servers are thousands of miles apart

LiveData for MultiCloud Key Features

  • New graphical user interface simplifies data replication operations
  • Provides support for all major cloud object storage services, including AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Blob, and Google Cloud Storage
  • Powered by WANdisco’s patented DConE

Learn more about WANdisco LiveData for MultiCloud here.

About WANdisco
WANdisco is the LiveData company that empowers enterprises to revolutionize their IT infrastructure with its groundbreaking distributed coordination engine (DConE) in the WANdisco Fusion platform, enabling companies to generate hyperscale economics with the same IT budget — across multiple development environments, data centers, and cloud providers. WANdisco Fusion powers hundreds of the Global 2000, including Cisco Systems, Allianz, AMD, Juniper, Morgan Stanley and more. With significant OEM relationships with IBM and Dell EMC and go-to-market partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle, Alibaba and other industry titans – WANdisco is igniting a LiveData movement worldwide.

For more information on WANdisco, visit http://www.wandisco.com.

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