Grokker Sets Sights on 2019 after Record-Breaking Year

Global Wellbeing Company Reports Strong Growth in Enterprise Revenue, Ongoing Product Innovation and Strategic Hires

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 31, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Grokker, the on-demand wellbeing solution employees love, today reflected on its escalating momentum, positioning the company for further success.

Grokker founder and CEO Lorna Borenstein shared, “Today’s employees want three things: a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging and a sense of balance. In recognizing and understanding this, it’s up to employers to offer benefits that help employees achieve their wellbeing goals. Grokker does just that and more.”

Acknowledging the positive impact wellbeing has on employee productivity in the workplace, research indicates that interest in corporate wellbeing remains on the rise, with many of today’s top employers looking for programs that inspire healthy behaviors across their organizations.

At the forefront of wellbeing innovation, Grokker continues to transform employee engagement across a wide range of vertical markets. Grokker grew more than 300 percent in 2018, adding global enterprise clients ranging from Fortune 100 multinationals to private universities and government organizations.

Advancing the Employee Experience

In tandem with this increased adoption, Grokker spent much of 2018 focused on major product initiatives. The patented Grokker solution offers proprietary HD videos available globally on any device, supported by a community where employees engage with experts and motivate each other.

As part of its new capabilities, Grokker introduced its New Onboarding Journey, designed to capture an employee’s initial interests better and create a customized experience. This includes the Grokker Wellness Quiz, a quick and fun way for users to assess their current wellbeing based on four key dimensions: nutrition, activity, sleep and stress. From the resulting profile, Grokker provides personalized program recommendations to address immediate areas of concern, and help employees reach their optimal wellbeing. 

Grokker expanded its popular Challenge functionality, providing a more extensive variety of options and allowing employers to run multiple interactive challenges at once while targeting different workforce segments. The updates include goal-based challenges, where users organize into teams to encourage collaboration; local challenges, allowing clients to select a sub-group of employees versus the entire organization; challenge invites, giving challenge participants the ability to invite colleagues to join their teams; and optimized pre- and post-challenge surveys to gather data, solicit feedback and measure outcomes.

Grokker updated its mobile web experience, and native apps (Android and iOS), accounting for the different ways that employees participate in its programs. As part of this, Grokker now gives users the option to receive SMS messages, rather than just email, providing workers on the go with the same access as those in front of a computer. This also includes integration with Apple HealthKit, giving Grokker the ability, with the user’s permission, to read and record workouts tracked by Apple Health and receive Grokker Wellness Minutes for activities performed with other iOS apps and devices.

Other enhancements streamlined the overall Grokker experience, making it easier and faster for enterprise clients to tailor the solution to their organization’s needs.

Looking Ahead

During 2018, Grokker made four strategic hires, with each assuming an entirely new role within the company. These executives include Barbara Burlington, head of Marketing; Aimee Carlotto, regional vice president, Sales, East; Brianna Lamb, regional vice president, Sales, West; and Elisa Realph, regional vice president, Sales, Central.

Borenstein concluded, “At Grokker, we work hard to solve the complex challenges that HR and benefits teams face, juggling dispersed workers, multiple generations, individual needs and wants along with business objectives. We made this a top priority in 2018 and expanded the product in ways that made sense for our clients. We’ll follow this mission in the months to come, helping inspire better engagement, higher adoption, improved performance and ultimately, happier, healthier employees.”

About Grokker

Grokker is the on-demand wellbeing solution that employees love. The patented solution combines proprietary HD videos available anywhere, anytime, on any device, with the support of an active community where employees engage with experts and motivate one another. Whether launching a new wellbeing initiative or augmenting an existing platform, Grokker works to inspire employees and delivers real results. Learn more at


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