instrAction’s Water Purification Technology Validated in Studies Conducted at Leading Research Institutes in Germany

Mannheim, GERMANY

MANNHEIM, Germany, Feb. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- instrAction GmbH today reported that its water purification technology solution was validated by independent experts in studies conducted at premier research institutes in Germany. instrAction introduced the technology late last year. It’s a first-of-a-kind purification solution that removes bacteria and heavy metals from drinking water while preserving healthy elements – in a single filtration step. The tests were designed to benchmark the performance of instrAction resins in purification products found in homes. The products include standalone devices or filtration devices in large appliances. In tests involving small resin beds, results further demonstrated the solution’s high productivity at high depletion rates.

One study was conducted at the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology. The study measured the performance of instrAction MetCap® resins in small cartridges at high flow rates in terms of bed volumes per hour. It focused exclusively on heavy metals absorption. The Institute’s Dr. Schiestel observed: “The results showed that in a small device the resins successfully treated drinking water for lead, cadmium and chromium at high flow velocity. Furthermore, the MetCap® resins demonstrated the promise of offering separation options for additional relevant applications. Thus, there is great potential for the separation of perfluorooctanoic acid, DNA, or even bacteria with this technology.”

A second study was conducted at the Institute for Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Hygiene at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Led by Vice Director, Professor Dr. Markus Gerhard, the study was implemented in two phases: the first phase set out to prove the anti-bacterial properties of instrAction’s BacCap® resins by investigating basic properties like kinetic features and capacity. The results demonstrated complete removal of all bacteria, like E. coli, E. faecalis or Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The second stage aimed to establish key application parameters, such as minimizing resin quantity and maximizing productivity at maximum depletion efficiency.

Professor Gerhard observed: “instrAction’s BacCap® resins are the only particle-based material that can reliably remove bacteria from tap water at flow rates typically applied and expected for household pitcher applications or drinking water purifiers, without releasing substances, such as silver, into the filtered water.”

The studies are an important component of instrAction’s commercialization strategy, according to the company’s CSO, Dr. Martin Welter. “We’re very pleased with the outcomes,” he said. “While we were confident that our resins would demonstrate superior performance and productivity in small devices, it’s gratifying to receive validation from respected independent experts. The new data strengthens our market position as we accelerate our work to help customers develop their next-generation water purification products.”

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instrAction is an emerging innovation leader in the global water purification industry. Leveraging its extensive library of absorption resins and chromatography expertise, the company has pioneered a new class of filtration solution for drinking water that removes contaminants like bacteria, preserves healthy elements, and eliminates toxins in a single filtration step. Headquartered in Mannheim, Germany with manufacturing operations in Suzhou, China, the company is privately owned and supported by a leading German venture capital firm.


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