Infocyte Partners With Check Point Software Technologies For Cloud-delivered Compromise Assessments, Proactive Threat Detection, Faster Incident Response

The partnership enables Check Point and their global partners to provide proactive detection across cloud, data center and endpoint environments

AUSTIN, Texas and VIENNA, Austria, Feb. 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Infocyte, a cybersecurity company focused on proactive threat detection and incident response, and Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), a leading provider of cyber security solutions globally, are partnering to deliver faster threat detection and incident response services on compromised hosts. As part of the partnership Infocyte’s platform, Infocyte HUNT, will be integrated with Check Point’s suite of advanced services. Both companies will share threat intelligence to improve their threat detection and incident response capabilities.

Check Point’s recent Cyber Attack Trends Report highlights the growing concern around advanced threats. New forms of malware, cryptominers, ransomware, and other cyber-attacks continue to show alarming rates of success across cloud, traditional, and hybrid networks. As cyber-attacks evolve, they become better at penetrating deep into IT networks and hiding from traditional detection technologies. In an effort to fight back, companies are adopting proactive practices like post-breach threat detection and remediation solutions that complement their existing cyber security defenses.

“When customers contact Check Point and our global partner network for help, they want immediate answers,” quoted Dan Wiley, Head of Incident Response at Check Point. “We’ve deployed Infocyte HUNT into numerous customer environments with tremendous success. Integrating Check Point’s threat mitigation capabilities and Infocyte HUNT’s endpoint assessment functionality significantly improves our response time. Additionally, the Compromise Assessment solution allows us to provide these services to customers in a proactive and cloud-delivered platform.”

One of the most challenging aspects of setting a baseline and discovering cyber threats in any IT environment is the reliance on existing security tooling, data, and logs. Infocyte HUNT was designed to be independent and rely on primary threat intel—separate from traditional defensive tools, which are prone to miss certain types of attacks. Being able to deploy across physical or virtual hosts, on premise or in the cloud, enables Infocyte HUNT to deliver conclusive results—faster and more accurately.

“What started as a network slowdown turned into a full-fledged attack,” said Erik Pufahl, VP of IT for Linden Bulk Transportation. “During the response efforts, Infocyte HUNT provided immediate visibility across our entire network, enabling us to quickly isolate and eliminate the threats. We now have Check Point providing protection and Infocyte HUNT for proactive detection and response, enabling us to pinpoint and investigate any new potential threats on an ongoing basis. With Check Point and Infocyte, I feel Linden is better protected and IR ready.”

Sycomp was among the first of Check Point’s strategic partners to see Infocyte HUNT in action. The speed of delivery for Infocyte’s Compromise Assessment and IR capabilities during initial prospect engagements has helped Sycomp convert one-time assessments into subscription customers.

“When threat actors disrupt IT operations, people need the ability to respond faster and more effectively. Check Point and Infocyte facilitate Sycomp's emergency efforts, helping restore order and safeguard our clients against future incidents,” said Michael Anderson, Managing Director at Sycomp.

Combining Infocyte HUNT with Check Point’s Cloudguard and Sandblast solutions gives incident responders the ability to detect sophisticated attacks and compromised endpoints across cloud, data center, and hybrid network environments.

“We’re excited to team up with Check Point and their partner community and provide market-leading threat detection and incident response capabilities,” added Curtis Hutcheson, CEO of Infocyte. “Through our partnership, we can help more organizations proactively detect threats, remediate them, and recover faster.”

Members of Infocyte are joining Check Point’s Incidence Response team in Vienna this week for CPX 360, Check Point’s annual cybersecurity conference, and in San Francisco March 4-7 for the RSA conference.

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