ABclonal Technology Partners with BenchSci to Boost Discoverability of its Novel Products

Partnership will leverage BenchSci’s AI to help scientists find the right reagents and enable ABclonal to compete on product quality

BOSTON, Feb. 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ABclonal Technology, a new and growing provider of biology research reagents and services, and BenchSci, a life science machine learning company backed by Google’s AI fund, have entered into a partnership to provide scientists with high-class research tools for accelerating biomedical discoveries.

Research scientists have always trusted peer-reviewed and quality scientific publications to guide their antibody selection. As a result, good-quality products that do not have published data yet become inaccessible to scientists. ABclonal being a fairly new player in the business of antibodies, has less citations for their products compared to well-established rival counterparts. In the past, this has affected the discoverability of ABclonal products on antibody search engines that filter the products based upon number of citations in the scientific literature.

ABclonal’s partnership with BenchSci aims to solve this problem by combining the company’s vast catalog of antibody products with BenchSci’s innovative artificial intelligence platform. Using machine learning, BenchSci will not only identify published data for ABclonal’s products in open- and closed-access research papers, but will also display vendor-provided validation figures to allow scientists to find the right antibody that fits their experimental context, irrespective of the number of citations.

Kyle Ma, VP, business development at ABclonal, believes that the business relationship with BenchSci will augment discoverability and brand-value of newer antibody suppliers such as ABclonal that are steadily emerging as trusted antibody brands globally. “Through this unique collaboration, we are looking forward to challenging some of the top and established antibody vendors in the world and boost ABclonal’s business,” says Kyle.

“ABclonal’s commitment to providing scientists with the right reagents and services using cutting-edge technology is aligned with BenchSci’s mission to accelerate biomedical research using breakthrough machine learning technology,” says Liran Belenzon, CEO, BenchSci. “We are thrilled to see that scientists have already started purchasing ABclonal products on the BenchSci marketplace.”

About ABclonal Technology

Based in Massachusetts, ABclonal Technology is a dynamic and growing manufacturer of biology research reagents and services. With scientists employed from world-class universities, ABclonal thrives to improve the quality of life science research by providing high-quality antibodies, proteins, ELISA kits, and more. It is one of the largest ChIP-seq-validated antibody manufacturers in the industry: helping epigenetics researchers worldwide. ABclonal’s epigenetics products cover 80 percent of the popular targets in research. For more information, visit

About BenchSci

Backed by Google’s AI fund, Gradient Ventures, and built by life scientists for life scientists, BenchSci’s AI reads biomedical papers and maps their findings to navigate researchers to new discoveries faster. Using data from more than 9 million publications, this map leverages the world’s most comprehensive, evidence-based biological knowledge graph. Unlike other bioinformatics tools, it helps researchers find unexpected connections, generate unconsidered hypotheses, discover novel insights, avoid redundant experiments, and adopt the best materials and methods. This catalyzes faster, more cost-effective, and higher impact discoveries by academic and industry partners. BenchSci’s first product, an antibody knowledge engine, helps researchers find reliable antibodies up to 24x faster and use commercial antibodies up to 75 percent more cost-effectively. It now powers discoveries in 15 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and more than 2,000 academic institutions. To help researchers purchase antibodies more easily, BenchSci has also recently deployed a seamless search and purchase system at select universities in North America that gives scientists access to top antibody brands in one central place.


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