Global Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) Solutions Market 2018-2023: Understand the Relationship Between 5G, AI, Big Data, Edge Computing, IoT, Smart Machines, Robotics

Dublin, Feb. 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) Solutions: AIoT Market by Application, Service, and Industry Vertical 2018 - 2023" report has been added to's offering.

This report provides a multi-dimensional view into the AI market including analysis of embedded devices and components, embedded software, and AI platforms. This research also assesses the combined Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketplace including embedded IoT and non-IoT devices, embedded components (including AI chipsets), embedded software and AI platforms, and related services. The report also evaluates leading solution providers including hardware, software, integrated platforms, and services.

The combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to dramatically accelerate the benefits of digital transformation for consumer, enterprise, industrial, and government market segments. The publisher sees the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) as transformational for both technologies as AI adds value to IoT through machine learning and decision making and IoT adds value to AI through connectivity and data exchange. The AIoT market constitutes solutions, applications, and services involving AI in IoT Systems and IoT support of AI Solutions.

As IoT networks proliferate throughout every major industry vertical, there will an increasingly large amount of unstructured machine data. The growing amount of human-oriented and machine generated data will drive substantial opportunities for AI support of unstructured data analytics solutions. Data generated from IoT supported systems will become extremely valuable, both for internal corporate needs as well as for many customer-facing functions such as product lifecycle management.

The report includes quantitative analysis with forecasts covering AI technology and systems by type, use case, application, and industry vertical. Forecasts also cover each major market sector including consumer, enterprise, industrial, and government. This report also represents the most comprehensive research covering core IoT hardware, software, and firmware as well as supporting technologies such as AI in Mobile Edge Computing.

Select Report Findings:

  • Global AI Chipsets market will reach $6.6B USD by 2023
  • North America will lead the AI market with 34% share by 2023
  • The APAC region will lead the IoT technology market through 2023
  • The combined global AI market will grow at 37% CAGR through 2023
  • The combined global IoT technology market will reach $869.9B USD by 2023
  • Global AI in embedded IoT devices market will approach $26.2B USD by 2023

Select Report Benefits:

  • Global and regional AI and IoT forecasts from 2018 to 2023
  • Identify leading AI and IoT hardware, software, and service providers
  • Analysis of AI value chain, technology readiness, use cases, apps and services
  • Understand IoT technology convergence with AI, Edge Computing, 5G, and IoT
  • Identify the AI and IoT vendor landscape including core and supporting technologies
  • Identify market opportunities globally, regionally, and by industry vertical for AI and IoT technology
  • Understand the relationship between 5G, AI, Big Data, Edge Computing, IoT, Smart Machines, Robotics

Key Topics Covered:

1 Executive Summary
1.1 Research Objectives
1.2 Select Findings
1.3 Target Audience
1.4 Companies in the Report

2 Overview
2.1 Defining Artificial Intelligence
2.2 Artificial General Intelligence
2.3 Artificial Super Intelligence
2.4 Artificial Intelligence Types
2.5 Artificial Intelligence Language
2.6 Artificial Intelligence Systems
2.7 AI Outcomes and Enterprise Benefits
2.8 Conversational User Interface
2.9 Cognitive Computing and Swarm Intelligence
2.10 AI Market Drivers and Impact
2.11 AI Market Constraints
2.12 AI Market Opportunities
2.13 AI Market Outlook and Predictions

3 AI Technology Impact Analysis
3.1 AI Technology Matrix
3.2 AI Technology Readiness
3.3 Machine Learning APIs
3.4 AI Technology Goal
3.5 AI Tools and Approaches
3.6 Emotion AI
3.7 IoT Application and Big Data Analytics
3.8 Data Science and Predictive Analytics
3.9 Edge Computing and 5G Network
3.10 Cloud Computing and Machine Learning
3.11 Smart Machine and Virtual Twinning
3.12 Factory Automation and Industry 4.0
3.13 Building Automation and Smart Workplace
3.14 Cloud Robotics and Public Security
3.15 Self Driven Network and Domain Specific Network
3.16 Predictive 3D Design

4 AI Market and Solution Analysis
4.1 AI Market Landscape
4.2 AI Application Delivery Platform
4.3 AIaaS and MLaaS
4.4 Enterprise Adoption and External Investment
4.5 Enterprise AI Drive Productivity Gains
4.6 AI Patent and Regulatory Framework
4.7 Value Chain Analysis
4.8 End User Industry and Application
4.9 AI Use Case Analysis
4.10 Competitive Landscape Analysis

5 IoT Technology and Value Chain Analysis
5.1 IoT Semiconductor Building Blocks
5.2 IoT Chipsets
5.3 Network Technology and Protocol
5.4 Real Time Operating System (RTOS)
5.5 IoT Software and Platform
5.6 IoT Industry Application
5.7 IoT Value Chain Analysis
5.8 IoT Investments and Market Alliances
5.9 Role of Mobile Network Operators

6 Artificial Intelligence Market Analysis and Forecasts 2018 - 2023
6.1 Global AI Market Forecasts 2018 - 2023
6.2 Regional AI Market Forecasts 2018 - 2023

7 AI Embedded IoT Device and Things Deployment Forecasts 2018 - 2023
7.1 AI Embedded Connected IoT Device Deployment 2018 - 2023
7.2 AI Embedded Connected IoT ThingsDeployment 2018 - 2023

8 IoT Technology Market Analysis and Forecasts 2018 - 2023
8.1 Global IoT Technology Market 2018 - 2023
8.2 Global AI Equipped IoT Technology Market 2018 - 2023
8.3 Global 5G Driven IoT Technology Market 2018 - 2023
8.4 Global Edge Computing Enabled IoT Technology Market 2018 - 2023
8.5 Global Blockchain Based IoT Technology Market 2018 - 2023
8.6 Regional IoT Technology Market 2018 - 2023
8.7 IoT Semiconductor Unit Shipment Forecasts 2018 - 2023
8.8 IoT Software Unit Deployment Forecasts 2018 - 2023

9. Company Analysis
9.1. 24/ Inc.
9.2. AB Electrolux
9.3. ABB Ltd.
9.4. Advanced Micro Devices
9.5. AIBrian Inc.
9.6. Amazon Inc.
9.7. Analog Devices Inc.
9.8. AOL Inc.
9.9. Apple Inc.
9.10. ARM Limited
9.11. Atmel Corporation
9.12. Ayla Networks Inc.
9.13. Baidu Inc.
9.14. Brighterion Inc.
9.15. Buddy
9.16. Cisco Systems
9.17. CloudMinds
9.18. Cumulocity GmBH
9.19. Cypress Semiconductor Corp
9.20. Digital Reasoning Systems Inc.
9.21. Echelon Corporation
9.22. Enea AB
9.23. Express Logic Inc.
9.24. Facebook Inc.
9.25. Fujitsu Ltd.
9.26. Gemalto N.V.
9.27. General Electric
9.28. General Vision Inc.
9.29. Google Inc.
9.30. Graphcore
9.32. Haier Group Corporation
9.33. Helium Systems Inc.
9.34. Hewlett Packard Enterprise
9.35. Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.
9.36. IBM Corporation
9.37. Inbenta Technologies Inc.
9.38. Intel Corporation
9.39. InteliWISE
9.40. IPsoft Inc.
9.41. iRobot Corp.
9.42. Juniper Networks, Inc.
9.43. Kaspersky Lab
9.44. KUKA AG
9.45. Leap Motion Inc.
9.46. LG Electronics
9.47. Lockheed Martin
9.48. Losant IoT Inc.
9.49. MAANA
9.50. MediaTek Inc.
9.51. Microchip Technology Inc.
9.52. Micron Technology
9.53. Microsoft Corporation
9.54. MicroStrategy Incorporated
9.55. Miele
9.56. Motion Controls Robotics Inc.
9.58. Next IT Corporation
9.59. Nokia Corporation
9.60. Nuance Communications Inc.
9.61. NVIDIA Corporation
9.62. NXP Semiconductors N.V.
9.63. Omron Adept Technology
9.64. Oracle Corporation
9.65. Panasonic Corporation
9.66. Pepper
9.67. PointGrab Ltd.
9.68. PTC Corporation
9.69. QlikTech International AB
9.70. Qualcomm Incorporated
9.71. Renesas Electronics Corporation
9.72. Rethink Robotics
9.73. Robert Bosch GmbH
9.74. Rockwell Automation Inc.
9.75. Rohm Semiconductor
9.76. Salesforce
9.77. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.
9.78. SAP
9.79. SAS Institute Inc.
9.80. Semtech Corporation
9.81. Sentient Technologies Holdings Limited
9.82. Siemens AG
9.83. SK Telecom
9.84. SoftBank Robotics Holding Corp.
9.85. SpaceX
9.86. SparkCognition Inc.
9.87. STMicroelectronics
9.88. Symantec Corporation
9.89. Tellmeplus
9.91. Tesla Inc.
9.92. Texas Instruments Inc.
9.94. Veros Systems Inc.
9.95. Whirlpool Corporation
9.96. Wind River Systems Inc.
9.97. Xiaomi Technology Co. Ltd.

10 Conclusions and Recommendations
10.1 Advertisers and Media Companies
10.2 Artificial Intelligence Providers
10.3 Automotive Companies
10.4 Broadband Infrastructure Providers
10.5 Communication Service Providers
10.6 Computing Companies
10.7 Data Analytics Providers
10.8 Immersive Solution (AR, VR, and MR) Providers
10.9 Networking Equipment Providers
10.10 Networking Security Providers
10.11 Semiconductor Companies
10.12 IoT Suppliers and Service Providers
10.13 Software Providers
10.14 Smart City System Integrators
10.15 Automation System Providers
10.16 Social Media Companies
10.17 Workplace Solution Providers
10.18 Large Businesses and SMBs

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