NEURONES: Organic growth up 2.6% in 2020

Nanterre Cedex, FRANCE

Heading: 2020 Annual Revenues       Nanterre, February 10, 2021 (after the closing of the stock exchange)

Organic growth up 2.6% in 2020

(unaudited, in € millions)20192020Growthof which organic
Revenues510.1524.5+ 2.8%+ 2.6%


During the 4th quarter, revenues grew by 5.3%, of which 4.6% with constant structures, continuing the 5.5% increase observed in the 3rd quarter.

Cloud and digital are driving growth, particularly cybersecurity (+ 55%) and data, mobility and digital workplace projects (+ 19%).

At € 51.9 million*, operating profit amounted to 9.9% of revenues (compared to 9.6%, excluding disposal gains, in 2019).

Cash generation was very satisfactory with a net cash** of € 265.9 million* at closing (+ € 47.6 million compared to the end of the previous fiscal year), notably thanks to a further reduction of seven days in the customer payment period.

The Group's payroll continued to grow (5,589 employees at the end of the year compared to 5,372 at the end of the previous fiscal year).

The final annual results will be published on Wednesday, March 3, 2021 after the stock exchange closes.


As usual, forecasts for the current year will be posted along with the Group's 1st quarter revenues.

* being audited. ** excluding IFRS16 lease liabilities.


With 5,600 experts, and ranking among the French leaders in management consulting and digital services, NEURONES helps large companies and organizations implement their digital projects, transform their IT infrastructures and adopt new uses.

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