NEURONES: 9.9% operating profit and 6.7% net profit in 2020

Nanterre Cedex, FRANCE

Heading: 2020 annual results                     Nanterre, March 3, 2021 (after the closing of the stock exchange)

9.9% operating profit and 6.7% net profit in 2020

Accounts as at December 31
(audited and in millions of euros)
         2019         2020
Business operating profit (1)  54.7 (10.7%)  53.9 (10.3%)
Operating profit  53.7 (10.5%)  51.9 (9.9%)
Net financial income    0.1    1.7
Income tax (18.6) (18.6)
Net profit  35.2 (6.9%)  35 (6.7%)
- of which, group share  30.8  30.9
Free cash flow (2)  47  55.2
Cash and cash equivalents (net of financial debt) (3)218.3265.9
Staff at year-end5,3725,589

(1) Prior to cost of bonus shares and impairment of assets.
(2) Cash flow from operational activities, plus financial profit/loss and less net industrial investments.
(3) Excluding IFRS16 lease liabilities.


The audit confirmed an operating profit amounting to 9.9% of revenues (compared to 9.6%, excluding disposal gains, in 2019). At €30.9 million, the net profit group share rose slightly.

At €55.2 million, free cash flow rose sharply (conversion rate of net profit into cash: 136%). Net cash and cash equivalents increased by €47.6 million to €265.9 million.


As usual, forecasts for the current year will be posted along with the Group's 1st quarter revenues (on May 5, after the closing of the stock exchange).

NEURONES' strong market presence in the Cloud, digital services and cybersecurity is an asset which enables the company to benefit from the acceleration of the digital transformations in progress.

At the Annual General Meeting on June 3, in order to thank shareholders for their loyalty and make up for the years in which a low or no dividend was paid, the Board of Directors will propose the distribution of an exceptional dividend of €2 per share (representing a total amount close to the cash generated in 2020).

With 5,600 experts, and ranking among the French leaders in management consulting and digital services, NEURONES helps large companies and organizations implement their digital projects, transform their IT infrastructures and adopt new uses.

Euronext Paris (compartment B - NRO) - Enternext Tech 40 - SRD (deferred settlement) mid-caps

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