Media Newsrooms

Media Newsrooms

Online Newsroom Solutions for blue-chip corporations who want their online presence to resonate with the media, their shareholders and consumers.

Companies today must have a well-designed newsroom rich with content that is both discoverable and sharable. The modern newsroom must serve not only journalists but also a broad range of stakeholders including analysts, investors, employees, partners and customers.

The best designed, media rich newsrooms available

  • Full design integration with your corporate site and available in all languages
  • Social media aggregation, sharing and publishing tools
  • Blogs with moderated comments
  • Journalist friendly searching and downloading tools
  • Full digital asset library
  • Digital Press Pass access for the media community
  • Fully accessible, secure and supported by an SLA for your piece of mind
  • Crisis communications rapid-response incident reporting

Dynamic newsrooms that give our clients an edge

Today’s media landscape is characterized by speed, engagement, and multiple channels of communication.

All of our newsrooms are built on a proven, cloud-based media platform that is integrated, easy to use, and future-proofed through continuous innovation.

We serve the needs of both social media and traditional media outlets.

High Impact, Branded Newsrooms

  • We have built the newsrooms of many of the world’s most well known brands including Facebook, Honda, Barclays and Virgin Media.
  • On-brand, engaging and dynamic newsroom design using our highly customizzble methodology.
  • Ten years experience, and over 80 newsrooms built, provides us with a deep knowledge of the space and needs of the media.

Content Management

  • Spend less time managing repetitive tasks and more time on high value activities using an easy-to-use content management system powered by NASDAQ OMX Media Manager.
  • Access a central location for journalists and key stakeholders to find recent company news, upcoming events, company information, executive biographies and media contact information.
  • Visitors can find, share and download all your content.
  • A digital media asset library provides high-resolution imagery, streaming and downloadable video and other assets such as fact sheets and white papers

Social Media Management

  • Create a Social Media Center aggregating all your social media content in one place.
  • Allow PR teams to effectively manage a social-enabled media newsroom with social media sharing buttons and publishing tools.
  • Manage your company blog and moderate comments in one central location, assuring consistent messaging across all communications.

Tracking and Analytics

Understand which contacts have read your releases, downloaded media assets and been most active on your newsroom.

  • Capture key activity data – releases opened, images downloaded – by integrating your newsroom with your media contact database and distribution.

Crisis Communications Management

Prepare content-ready platforms to be activated in times of crisis, providing an immediate and on-message response for any major incident.


  • From investor relations websites to public relations newsrooms to social media workflow websites, our interactive development team will work to bring your digital presence to life, and fully in line with your corporate branding.
  • Multilingual capabilities allow you to reach a much larger audience with your media content.
  • Custom solutions to meet complex and unique requirements.

Keep Ahead of Industry Best Practices

  • Improve levels of service for journalists, analysts, investors and other stakeholders, encouraging them to engage with and share your brand.
  • Decrease the time your team spends on low-value, time-consuming tasks.
  • Build your profile as a thought leader and innovator in the digital space.
  • Increase inbound website traffic, and the amount of time spent on your site.
  • Enterprise level security, while allowing you to access the platform from anywhere in the world.
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