Uppsala, SWEDEN

Oasmia Pharmaceutical will launch a new division, Animal Health, during March
of this year. The division will focus on development and marketing of oncology
products for companion animals where the market potential is estimated to be
very large. 

Cancer in companion animals has attracted great attention. Recently, there has
been an interest from both veterinarians and owners in developing treatment
methods for this disease. The number of animals has increased, and they also
have a longer life-span on the average. The cancer risk increases substantially
with ageing. Put together, this accounts for a very large market potential for
companion animal oncology products. 

After very positive signals from clinical studies, Oasmias management has
decided to launch a new division within the company: Animal Health. The
management expects the market will grow substantially worldwide the coming six
to ten years. Oasmia's assortment and product portfolio is judged to be very
competitive in this relatively new market. More information will be available
during March. 

Oasmia Pharmaceutical (publ) is a pharmaceutical company based on the latest
concepts in bio-organic chemistry. The company idea is to improve treatment of
serious conditions, with a focus on oncology. This is done through development
of semi-synthesised substances to a new generation of effective pharmaceuticals
for various areas of therapy. Oasmia is noted on the NGM Nordic MTF. More
information is available at www.ngm.se or at www.oasmia.com. 

For more information, please contact Britt-Marie Eriksson VP, tel: +46 18 50 54
40, e-mail: info@oasmia.com