Uppsala, SWEDEN

It is now possible to treat cancer in dogs in the same way as in humans. This
is the result from a study performed by the company Oasmia Pharmaceutical in
collaboration with the Swedish University for Agricultural Studies in Uppsala. 

The number of dogs increases steadily in the world. The dogs also grow older,
which leads to more disease. Today there are approximately 120 million dogs
only in the EU and USA. Previously cytostatics have not been a good alternative
for treating companion animals due to severe side-effects. The unique drug
containing paclitaxel makes it possible to treat dogs with diagnoses that in
the past have led to euthanasia. 

The results from the study and facts about the drug Paclical® Vet will be
presented by veterinarian Henrik von Euler at the annual veterinary oncology
conference (ESVONC) in Cambridge, United Kingdom at the end of March. 
- It is strange that there hasn't existed a registered pharmaceutical with
regard to the great need that exists. I hope that Paclical® Vet will be the
first cytostatic in the world to be registered for use in dogs, says Von Euler
in a comment. 

Oasmia Pharmaceutical (publ) is a pharmaceutical company based on the latest
concepts in bio-organic chemistry. The company idea is to improve treatment of
serious conditions, with a focus on oncology. This is done through development
of semi-synthesised substances to a new generation of effective pharmaceuticals
for various areas of therapy. Oasmia is noted on the NGM Nordic MTF 
More information is available at www.ngm.se or at www.oasmia.com.

For more information, contact info@oasmia.com or call +46 18 50 54 40.