Uppsala, SWEDEN

The pharmaceutical company Oasmia Pharmaceutical will present results from a
phase I/II study with the cancer product Paclical® Vet at the Veterinary
European ECVIM-CA Congress 13-15 September in Budapest. The results have been
presented earlier and have reached great international interest. 

More information is available at www.ngm.se or www.oasmia.com. For further
information contact info@oasmia.com or call +46 18 50 54 40. 

Oasmia Pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical company that specialises in the
treatment of severe diseases. Oasmia develops pharmaceuticals for the future. 

A pharmaceutical company based on the latest concepts in bio-organic chemistry.
The main idea is to improve the treatment of serious diseases. Primarily, this
development is in oncology and treatment with cytostatics but Oasmia also
conducts research in antibiotics, asthma and neurological diseases. Oasmia has
in-house production capacity of pharmaceuticals for clinical trials, both
company related and others. Oasmia has developed several products based on
existing pharmaceuticals in a new environment, which leads to whole new
solutions for cancer treatment. These products give Oasmia a solid product
portfolio within oncology with several products in clinical or pre-clinical
Oasmia is noted on NGM Nordic MTF. Planning to change list to NGM Equity in
September 2007.