AS Tallinna Vesi starts offering ancillary services under the VEEMEES trademark

Tallinn, ESTONIA

Starting from July 2nd, 2007, AS Tallinna Vesi will bring to the market the new 
VEEMEES trademark, under which maintenance, emergency and construction services 
related to water supply and sewerage services will be offered to owners of      
private houses, housing associations, apartment owners, real estate developers  
and construction companies.                                                     

VEEMEES is a part of the AS Tallinna Vesi structure as an independent unit with 
a separate budget and objectives.                                               
„Developing of a new trademark is the result of our wish do differentiate more  
clearly the fee-charging ancillary services from the services and infrastructure
maintenance works offered under the contract concluded with Tallinn“, explained 
Mr. River Tomera, Head of Business Development at AS Tallinna Vesi.             

The objective of VEEMEES is to offer its services also outside the AS Tallinna  
Vesi service area, focusing in the first stage, however, on servicing customers 
living in the city of Tallinn and in the neighbouring municipalities.           

If so far the services of AS Tallinna Vesi have predominantly been linked to    
managing the assets in the company's ownership and have therefore ended when    
reaching the connection point of the immovable property, then the new unit also 
offers service works within properties.                                         

„We wish to offer our customers the widest possible range of professional       
services related to water supply and sewerage. To date we were forced to refer  
customers to other companies in the case of certain works, but from now on we   
wish to carry out the majority of service works ourselves by making use of the  
AS Tallinna Vesi experience and competence“, added Mr. Tomera.                  

VEEMEES will provide assistance if water has stopped in the pipes due to        
blockage or freezing, when the taps won't stop dripping or leaking pipes need   
replacing. Additional services include the flushing and videotaping of networks 
as well as the construction of new water and sewerage connections inside the    

More detailed information about Veemees is available at the new website and Veemees can also be contacted by phone 6262 620 or by e-mail                                                                 

For more information please contact:                                            
Reigo Marosov                                                                   
AS Tallinna Vesi                                                                
Head of Public Relations                                                        
Phone: 6262 209