Cavo Knowledge Search Answers Legal Industry's Call for Affordable Web-Based Document Search Tool

Easy-to-Use Search Tool Saves Small- and Medium-Sized Law Firms Hours Each Day in Document and E-mail Search Time, With No Additional IT or Clerical Staff

INDIANAPOLIS, IN--(Marketwire - November 3, 2009) -  Cavo Legal, a leading provider of web-based electronic document and e-mail search solutions for small- and medium-sized law firms and solo practitioners, today announced the availability of Cavo Knowledge Search, a simple, secure and affordable knowledge management tool that instantly finds electronic documents and e-mails, including attachments, across the entire network, including remote offices. Based on user feedback, attorneys and legal staff members are recapturing as much as one hour of billable time each day by using Cavo Knowledge Search, enabling them to realize return on investment quickly.

"With Cavo Knowledge Search, I can do in two minutes what used to take two hours," said Charles Heiny, partner at Haller and Colvin law firm in Ft. Wayne, Ind. "We can move quickly through the more routine aspects of a legal matter and focus increased attention on the more complex and important aspects of a legal situation, on the things that can really make a big difference."

More powerful and easier to use than document management systems, freeware or appliance-based search tools, Cavo Knowledge Search installs quickly and is delivered as a secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), eliminating the requirement for outside IT assistance or additional hardware purchases. Cavo Knowledge Search's feature-set goes beyond simple document search capabilities, offering advanced document management choices that make it easier to call up previously located files using bookmarks and tags.

"The installation process was very straight-forward and we didn't incur any additional expenses for outside technical help," said Michael Einterz, Jr., an attorney with Einterz & Einterz law firm. "The Cavo support team walked us through the process via GoToMeeting, but it was so simple, I could have done it on my own."

Cavo Knowledge Search was designed by attorneys to meet the specific search needs of over 850,000 North American-based attorneys practicing in solo and small- to medium-sized law offices, a community that has been vastly under-served and overlooked by software providers offering complicated and expensive document management products. Cavo Knowledge Search's unique search engine contains a proprietary algorithm that enables legal professionals to search and filter by theme and concept. This capability automatically identifies the concepts in documents, summarizes the essence of each document, and groups conceptually similar documents into a hierarchy of topics. This unique power to "let the documents speak for themselves" gives attorneys and legal administration staff the ability to quickly find files and evidence when keyword search techniques fail.

"Even if our keyword search is not directly on-point, we can still easily find our documents of interest using Cavo Knowledge Search's Concept Search feature," said E. Victor Indiano, patent attorney and partner at Indiano & Vaughan, LLP. "We have the ability to filter search results and then tag and display them in a topic-relevant format with a synopsis of each result, further simplifying the search process."

Key features of the Cavo Knowledge Search system include:

  • Real time, 24/7 access to the system via a secure web interface
  • Instant location of any e-mail or stored electronic document regardless of its physical location
  • Instant search and location of the content of e-mail attachments
  • Easy bookmark function, to save documents for better organization
  • Remote access via the Web, even if your firm's servers are down
  • Online access for improved collaboration and productivity
  • Location of conceptually similar documents, including the ability to categorize documents by their dominant concepts, summarize the primary content of documents, and search by concepts.

"I would recommend Cavo Knowledge Search to any small or medium firm," Einterz continued. "Everyone in our firm has used it and finds it extremely valuable, especially when facing an important filing deadline. Cavo Knowledge Search is like having that additional file clerk or secretary you've always wanted -- one with a perfect memory who knows everything about all your case files. Most importantly, we save approximately two hours per day in search time, which is enough to pay for Cavo Knowledge Search for our entire office in about three uses each month."

"As an attorney, I am familiar with the search tools that are available to the legal community," said Bryan S. Redding, vice president and general counsel for Cavo Legal. "Cavo Knowledge Search is a major breakthrough for attorneys, because it was designed by lawyers, with lawyers' needs in mind. When compared to what's currently available, including document management systems, electronic discovery systems, and search appliances, Cavo is much more affordable, searches everything, including e-mails and attachments, is easier and less time-consuming to use and doesn't require an IT staff for installation or support." 

Pricing Information:

Cavo Knowledge Search is available for a monthly subscription fee of $99 U.S. per user, with discounts available for multiple users within the same firm and for firm "site licenses." Also, for a limited time, Cavo Legal is offering firms a trial of Cavo Knowledge Search. For more information, please visit

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Cavo Legal is a privately-owned company focused on providing small- and medium-sized law firms and solo practitioners with the most advanced and easy-to-use, web-based electronic document and e-mail search technology designed by attorneys for attorneys. Cavo Legal has dedicated years to developing proprietary search technology specifically for the legal profession. For more information, visit or follow at

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