Powerful Attribution Technology from Dotomi Demonstrates Precise Ad Conversion Lift and Value by Channel

Dotomi Helps Marketers Make More Strategic Granular Business Decisions by Precisely Determining the Value of Each Channel's Contribution

Chicago, Illinois, UNITED STATES

CHICAGO, Jan. 5, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dotomi, Inc. (www.dotomi.com), the leader in personalized media that's more relevant for consumers and more efficient for advertisers, today announced its powerful attribution technology has shown that display has a significant, positive effect on all of a brand's other advertising efforts, including offline. Dotomi's enhanced attribution technology enables advertisers to measure the precise impact of display advertising on other media channels and to better attribute the value of each channel for more strategic marketing decisions and increased ROI. In the most recent 90-day period of testing with several leading brands, Dotomi measured an average lift in performance of 22 percent for all online media when run at the same time as a display advertising campaign. In analyzing the effect on specific channels, Dotomi found display increased performance by an average of 20 percent in paid search, 26 percent in natural search, 25 percent in affiliate marketing, 16 percent in CRM email and 26 percent in direct load, where the consumer goes directly to the retailer's website. Dotomi's methodology is able to measure the impact of display on a brand's offline advertising performance as well, and has recognized average increases of 8.1 percent for offline channels including catalog, call center and retail.

Dotomi has been leading the market with campaign specific attribution analytics for over 4 years and the recent performance figures are the result of enhancements that were introduced in beta to several clients a year ago, but officially launched and available to all Dotomi customers today. The technology is able to isolate display's effect on individual channels by utilizing the company's proprietary test-and-control methodologies, which uniquely examine only consumers on the same media property who share similar characteristics, thereby ensuring more accurate results. Through the rigorous process, Dotomi shows a brand's ad to one segment while withholding it from a control group, and then compares return visitation and conversion rates of those receiving Dotomi display media and those who are not. With this methodology, Dotomi is able to understand what each additional piece of advertising contributes to conversions. The resulting intelligence provides the advertiser with highly granular information on their overall marketing performance so they can make more strategic and profitable decisions across all channels.

"Dotomi's attribution technology offers unprecedented insight into our advertisers' channel marketing performance and enables them to make significant, tangible improvements to their total program ROI," said John Giuliani, Chairman and CEO of Dotomi. "By comparison, many other providers' attribution systems are simply convenient, accounting-based tools that depend on a 'first-in', 'last-in', or 'weighted-average' approach, which arbitrarily assigns a rule to associate dollars to conversions to decide which piece of media should receive credit for a sale."

"Moreover," added Guiliani, "the staggering 22 percent average lift in online media conversions, as well as a 8.1 percent lift in offline conversions, that we've measured over a 3 month period shows that Dotomi's display ads significantly boost a brand's overall advertising performance across the board."

Dotomi's attribution technology is used in conjunction with the company's Personalized Media approach, which uses a proprietary data-driven engine to customize display advertisements at the consumer level, allowing everything including the creative, copy, frequency, and media to be catered to an individual consumer.

Dotomi's attribution platform is the result of continual enhancements through the feedback of hundreds of clients and their in-house media and analytic experts. It's been field tested and validated in independent tests.

About Dotomi

Founded in 2003, Dotomi, Inc. is helping marketers rethink display advertising with a new approach called Personalized Media. This approach allows decisions such as the banner creative and media placement to be determined in real-time at the user and impression level. By making every online impression unique, consumers enjoy more meaningful advertisements and companies enjoy higher returns and improved user engagement. The company has experienced hyper growth in the 3 years since raising venture capital and services 3 of the top 10 online retailers and 3 of the top 4 travel aggregators. For more information on Dotomi, visit www.dotomi.com.


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