ToonUps Brings Prayer to Social Gaming: The Power of Praying Meets the Power of Playing

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwire - Sep 5, 2012) -  ToonUps, cause gaming™ pioneer and creator of A Better World game on Facebook, today announced they are bringing prayer to social gaming with their Sanctuary of Prayer. This new feature, open to people of all spiritual traditions, adds yet another dimension to A Better World's mission to be a place "Where All Good Deeds Are Rewarded and Real World Causes Are Supported." Since the game's launch last year, more than 5 million good deeds, expressions of gratitude, and hopes and dreams have been collectively shared by players of the game.

In the Sanctuary of Prayer, players create prayer groups that can be joined by friends and other community members. The players who wish to offer support say actual prayers, report them in the game, and get in-game rewards for their participation. As players report more and more prayers, their rewards get bigger and their community gets stronger.

"The new feature harnesses the power of prayer, encourages cooperation and kindness among the game's online community, and gives an extra dose of hope to those with real-life wants and needs," said MarySue Hansell, President and COO of ToonUps.

A Better World is a free, uplifting game on Facebook that is all about being positive and encouraging kindness to others. Like other Facebook games, you create your character and home, care for a pet, and grow a garden, but in A Better World players progress by doing kind things for others inside and outside the game. Features include the Gratitude Grotto, the Positive Post, and the Department of Do-Good. Players can share their good deeds, notes of encouragement, get-well wishes, and gifts with the Facebook community. The Sanctuary of Prayer gives players one more outlet to express themselves, support others, and receive fun in-game rewards for doing so.

"Games, with their deeply immersive and interactive nature, can enhance the power of prayer for an online community," said Gregory R. Hansell, VP of Product Development.

ToonUps is a digital entertainment company that has been creating uplifting games and apps for over ten years. Their social game, A Better World, creates a fun environment that inspires players to help others, become better people, and make the world a better place. The game is creating a powerful legion of do-gooders known as BetterWorldians. And the secret is spreading.

ToonUps is headquartered in Wayne, PA.

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