Vancouver's Regency Lexus Wins National Award After Launching Innovative 'Butler Service' for Customers

Personalized Customer Satisfaction Campaigns Leads to Prestigious Award

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - April 12, 2016) - Customer service may be a lost art, but Vancouver's long-standing family run Regency Lexus dealership, is committed to bringing it back. Recently announced winners of the prestigious 2015 Lexus Pursuit of Excellence Elite Award, which is reserved for Lexus dealers who demonstrate outstanding levels of professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction, the locally-owned business accredits its win in part to its team's ability to put an innovative plan in place to exceed customer expectation. In 2014 the Regency Lexus team launched its 'Butler Automotive Ownership Experience,' aimed at a personalized service to its valued clientele.

"This award is a testament to our team's dedication to personalizing the customer service experience and going above industry norms to make our clientele feel valued," said Izzam Ahamed, General Manager of Regency Lexus. "In a day and age where the retail experience can be very sterile and automated, we focus on building personal relationships and honest communication both within our team and with our customers."

With BC luxury auto sales ranging over 40 per cent from the Canadian national average, Ahamed says it's easy for dealerships to become focused on the bottom line and forget about building long-term relationships with clients. Two years ago Ahamed and his team set a goal not only to increase sales, but, as a priority, to pursue more intimate relationships with their customers with the intention of having every customer feel respected and valued. Sales staff are charged with remembering the names of each guest who walks through the door of their flagship store and customizing service to their individual preferences whenever possible.

"Our focus on customer satisfaction has been a key differentiator for us," said Ahamed. "Whether it's through the direct interacts with our staff, or innovative solutions like our Butler Experience, our service offerings aim to exceed standard industry practices; we're always looking for ways to innovate and improve."

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Regency Lexus prides itself on providing outstanding automobile services to all our guests. Founded in 1983, Regency Auto is a family run brand which has partners that also include Regency Toyota, Regency Scion and Regency Volkswagen -- all dedicated to providing excellence in customer service.

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