PreVUE Answers the Call for Verification from Cannes Lions

PreVUE provides a single integration point giving publishers surety on audience quality and delivery

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, June 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At the center of Cannes Lions is the conversation around third party verification.  This is, by far, the most important topic in the digital advertising industry.  Advertisers are rightfully demanding adherence and publishers are left with the insurmountable task of multi-party data vendor management in order to deliver audience to advertisers.  Failure to satisfy results in clawbacks, make goods and destroyed trust and brand.  

DashBid is pleased to announce PreVUE, a first of its type solution offering a publisher, SSP or exchange a single point of integration to access all the various data and output required for audience verification.  Publishers who partner with PreVUE can use their existing data relationships as well as gain immediate access to new relationships including fraud detection, NHT, viewability, demo, geo, and IAB site categorization. We take care of the integrations and manage the anomalies for you.

PreVUE manages the validation of each avail across all data categories and frees the publisher of the cost, effort and challenges of vendor management.  Powered by proprietary AI and third party data, PreVUE is the only independent platform that delivers a single source of truth to the publisher and the surety that inventory can be delivered without fear of clawbacks, make goods or lost impressions.

“PreVUE is a product we were able to use as a beta customer.  Technical integration was simple and the results were beyond expectations,” said Rolan Reichel, CEO and Founder of RLLCLL.  “We saw huge improvements in fill rates and CPMs as well as reduced operating costs almost immediately. Any publisher, SSP or exchange can’t expect to perform in this market without PreVUE.”

PreVUE is a critical tool for inventory validation, as well as publisher brand protection. Tier one publishers who have their content running in the wild through syndication partners now have the ability to see when their brand is exposed on unsafe sites and stop the player from loading.

“PreVUE is an evolutionary change not only for DashBid but also for the digital advertising ecosystem.” said Rodger Wells, CEO of DashBid. “Anyone can now quickly participate in any media buy with the confidence that they are not exposing their brand to damage or their revenue stream to unwarranted adjustment.  This can happen across any participating data vendor instantly and is massively increased through our proprietary AI and first party data.  I have never been more proud of my company and team for delivering this product.”

DashBid is currently considering direct publishers, SSPs and exchanges for PreVUE during its advanced beta launch. PreVUE is expected to be available publicly in early Q4, 2017.


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