Sling TV and SpotX Enable Turnkey Holiday Shopper Targeting for Programmatic TV Advertisers

Expand partnership with new addressable marketplaces that target “Holiday Shoppers” and “Luxury Shoppers”

DENVER, Nov. 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the season of giving gets underway, Sling TV and video ad serving platform SpotX have opened two new addressable consumer segments focused on holiday shopping demand, named “Holiday Shoppers” and “Luxury Shoppers.” Available exclusively through SpotX, these custom private marketplaces enable advertisers to deliver finely-targeted seasonal campaigns to Sling TV viewers on connected TVs and other streaming devices.

“We’ve made it easy for brands to reach consumers working their way through their holiday shopping lists,” explained Adam Lowy, Head of Advertising Sales for Sling TV. “More and more, brands have gravitated to these marketplaces for real-time access to targeted TV audiences like vacationers during the summer and back-to-school shoppers during the fall.”

Target criteria for “Luxury Shoppers” include recent purchase of luxury brands, affinity to shop in luxury stores and those currently in the market for a luxury vehicle. Target criteria for “Holiday Shoppers” include consumer behavior such as past purchases on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as frequent purchases at warehouse, department or specialty stores.

“While OTT is increasingly recognized as a premium environment for video advertising, uncertainty about scale and the ability to accurately target audiences are chief among the concerns for advertisers considering investing in OTT streams,” said Ryan Kenney, VP, Platform Services at SpotX. “We’re proud to work together with Sling TV on a solution that seamlessly addresses both of these concerns for advertisers, just in time for the big holiday push.”

Secure, addressable private marketplaces enabled by Sling TV help guarantee that advertiser budgets are leveraged effectively to deliver relied-upon results. SpotX’s comprehensive infrastructure helps ensure brand-safe and fraud-free transactions for buyers accessing Sling TV inventory.

Earlier this year, Sling TV and SpotX launched a partnership to create programmatic marketplaces for turnkey targeting within Sling TV’s premium OTT video inventory. This integration made it possible for advertisers to access Sling TV’s advanced custom audience segments programmatically through the SpotX platform, allowing for highly-targeted ads to be dynamically inserted into live and on-demand content within OTT streams. Advertiser adoption has grown significantly since the launch of this partnership. Today, the partners transact 20 Sling TV impressions through SpotX for every one impression transacted in May.

To date, Sling TV is the only OTT provider commanding true addressable marketplaces supported by first- and third-party data for live OTT.

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