IgnitionOne Releases Q3 Automotive Industry Benchmarks Report

Analysis provides automotive specific data intelligence to arm marketers, pave way for bigger ideas and winning strategies

NEW YORK, Nov. 16, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IgnitionOne, a global marketing technology and data analytics provider with a focus on the auto industry, announced the release of its Automotive Industry Report, establishing key industry benchmarks for Q3 2017 that allow automotive manufacturers and their dealers to compare website performance, visitor engagement over time and lead volumes by car segment and region. 

“Understanding consumer trends based on actionable insights within millions of data points enables auto marketers to make strategic decisions on where to invest their budgets," said Rachel Pierson, Global Director, Strategic Accounts at IgnitionOne. “Automakers can pivot around current behavioral trends to target users with personalized experiences to achieve their marketing goals. Auto brands that win harness data insights to boost engagement, increase lead volumes and ultimately sales.”

Methodology and Summary of Findings
Based on 1st party data gathered from 350+ auto manufacturers and dealer websites across more than 50 countries, the report looks at global and car segment trends including website visits, visitor engagement, buying intent signals, and cumulative leads. The proprietary IgnitionOne Score™ models and defines, in real-time, the propensity to convert a visitor to a website, exploring how engaged they are with the automotive brand’s site, car models, products and offerings that they visit.

In summary, initial findings focus on monthly and quarterly comparisons related to traffic, as well as global trends around consumer engagement. The report closely examines lead volume trends by global region and by car segment (mid-size car, SUV, full-size pickup, compact SUV, et al). “Leads” are visitors who ultimately request a quote, voucher, or test drive, and therefore, when quantified and analyzed in detail, this lead data yields highly valuable intelligence for auto manufacturers and dealers alike.

“Digital transformation is changing the way auto manufacturers and their dealers think about customer experience, sales strategies, and marketing. It is key to auto manufacturers' success, arming them with an arsenal of consumer data intent signals they can use to refine their plans,” said Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne. “The insights we’ve seen in Q3 alone prove that OEMs and their dealers need to leverage focused, data-driven strategies that target true ‘in market’ buyers, rather than random, broad-based efforts. This data-driven approach will allow them to counter down quarters and keep ahead in a highly competitive space.”

About the IgnitionOne Auto Solution
IgnitionOne provides intelligent marketing technology solutions and services that drive real-time customer engagement helping auto manufacturers, dealers and lead aggregators by providing data intelligence and the tools required to activate data-driven marketing strategically and effectively. Powered by IgnitionOne Score™, their proprietary data solutions and methodology allow marketers to create unique, one-to-one communications with both prospects and current customers to convert highly-interested users into qualified leads. These score-powered communications can be deployed through programmatic Display, Facebook, Google, and Website Personalization.

The debut report is the first in a quarterly sequence, with the next report anticipated in January 2018. Download the Q3 report here.

About IgnitionOne
IgnitionOne offers technology and services that help marketers win. The company focuses on intelligent audience creation, real-time cross-channel scoring, and robust optimization – providing a layer for smarter marketing decisions and deeper insights, whether you use native IgnitionOne solutions such as Search, Display, Email, and Website Personalization – or the marketing technology you already have.

With a global footprint of over 450 employees in 10 countries, IgnitionOne is one of the largest independent marketing technology companies in the world, currently scoring over 300 million users monthly in 75 countries and powering more than $60 billion in revenue each year for leading brands, including General Motors, CenturyLink, La Quinta and Acer, as well as advertising agencies such as 360i, GroupM and ZenithOptimedia.

For more information, please visit http://www.ignitionone.com or follow the company on Twitter @ignitionone. 

Kendall Allen
For IgnitionOne