World Finance awards MoraBanc for excellent digital services

LONDON, Feb. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Andorra is a successful banking destination with an impressive ability to adapt. This latter skill was recently tested when institutions in the country were issued new requirements for transparency. Trying to meet standards while maintaining existing high-quality services proved highly challenging for some, but one organisation that's proven successful under these circumstances is MoraBanc.

MoraBanc is known not only for its great commitment towards customer service, but its excellent digital services too, which are constantly built upon. The bank has taken the upmost care to ensure its website is intuitive, user-friendly and modern, having launched its latest platform in December 2016.

As a result of this improvement, logins to MoraBanc’s online banking portal have increased by 151 percent. In addition, money transfers made online have gone up by 38 percent, and visits to MoraBanc’s public website have risen by 82 percent. The bank also now has an impressive digital reach, with a presence across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where its posts have been seen by tens of thousands.

These achievements have not gone unnoticed; World Finance has recently given the institution the awards of Best Mobile App, Andorra, and Best Digital Bank, Andorra, both for the year 2017.

It is expected that in the coming few years, MoraBanc’s approach will greatly bolster Andorra’s reputation on the world stage as a banking hotspot and desirable place to do business. Just two hours away from Barcelona and Toulouse, the area offers numerous benefits – security, comfort and high quality banking services, to name a few.

MoraBanc’s ability to adapt since new transparency requirements transpired has given it much optimism for the future. It is an organisation that not only deal with challenges, but positively thrives when faced with them.

For more on MoraBanc, check out an exclusive article by CEO Pedro González Grau in the latest edition of World Finance magazine, available in print, on tablet and online now:

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