eSilicon Announces Silicon Validation of 7nm 56G SerDes

Device defines a new level of flexibility, power and performance for 12.8 & 25.6Tb/s switches, routers and 400G systems

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- eSilicon, a leading provider of FinFET ASICs, market-specific IP platforms and advanced 2.5D packaging solutions, disclosed today that it has validated its 7nm 56G long-reach SerDes in silicon and that lab measurements confirm that the design is meeting or exceeding the target performance, power and functionality. Based on these results eSilicon has begun to demonstrate its test chip to key customers. 

“In the race to offer next-generation 7nm SerDes, the number of vendors offering silicon-proven designs is small,” said Mike Demler, senior analyst at The Linley Group and a senior editor at Microprocessor Report. “Demonstrating silicon performance for its 7nm device will help eSilicon establish itself in this high-end and strategic market.”

“eSilicon’s goal was to build a new-to-the-market SerDes that set a new standard for flexibility and performance,” said Hugh Durdan, vice president, strategy and products at eSilicon. “This first wave of measured silicon data proves we are hitting that mark. I look forward to additional proof points in the coming months.”

Key features of eSilicon’s 7nm 56G long-reach SerDes include:

  • High insertion loss tolerance with low bit error rates to support increased bandwidth in legacy equipment
  • Support for Ethernet, OIF, Interlaken and Fibre Channel standards as well as customers’ proprietary rates
  • The most flexible clocking architecture available with continuous operation from 1G-56G and independent Rx and Tx rates
  • The lowest power available for this class of performance, easing system design and cooling constraints
  • Easy integration, test and system bring-up with unprecedented levels of observability and controllability to maximize system performance and shorten time to market

The SerDes is part of eSilicon’s new 7nm plug & play IP platform for networking and switching applications. Parameters such as the control interface, DFT strategy, metal stack, operating range and reliability conditions are all compatible across IP in the platform. Configurability to facilitate optimized performance for the target application is also designed in. The result is shorter time to market with an optimized design.

To learn more about eSilicon’s 7nm plug & play IP platform or to schedule a demonstration of the 56G SerDes test chip, visit eSilicon’s SerDes web page or contact your eSilicon sales representative directly or via

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