TreSensa Launches Creative Builder: Easily Create & Distribute Stunning, High Quality Mobile Playable Ads in as Little as 10 Minutes

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, March 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading mobile creative technology company TreSensa recently launched Creative Builder, a robust design tool that empowers game studios, publishers and brand marketers to easily create and distribute stunning playable ads with no coding or training required.

With TreSensa’s elegant and easy to use UI, brand and app install marketers can now create gorgeous, interactive ads in minutes and deploy them to thousands of mobile app destinations including Facebook, Snap, Google, Unity and more.

Creative Builder’s built-in animation, high-fidelity imagery and sound handling mean no coding – and no training – is necessary to create customizable playables, ideal for full scale campaigns and/or prototyping and testing.  

With support for popular animation and design tools like Spine, the TreSensa Creative Builder makes in-app playable mobile ad creation easier than any other tool in the market.

Plus, Creative Builder empowers marketers to easily create dozens of variations of premium quality playables that can be rapidly tested and optimized to drive optimal performance.

“TreSensa’s Creative Builder has brought impressive efficiency to our Merge Dragons playable marketing efforts,” said Tatyana Bogatyreva of Gram Games. “We are able to build and version high quality playables at lightning speed, and automatically package them for distribution to our preferred mobile marketing channels. This efficiency has allowed us to quickly optimize our creatives, translating into superior overall business results.”

Creative Builder’s simple step-by-step process starts with the user selecting one of many interactive ad “builders” spanning match-3, slots, bubble shooter, runner, collapse and more. The user then uploads elements, including graphics, icons, video, and color palettes, to easily customize their Playable. Users can refine, version, and optimize imagery, controls, game objectives, duration, animation and messaging to craft varied experiences for A/B testing, continually improving results.

“Playables are the first truly endemic form of mobile advertising,” said Rob Grossberg, TreSensa CEO. “They combine interactivity (mobile gestures like touch, swipe, flick, and tap) with gamification to capture attention, educate, and activate consumers, all within a single ad session. Creative Builder enables all marketers to leverage this highly engaging form of mobile advertising to drive quantifiable business results.”

A proven format for ensuring maximum Return on Ad Spend, TreSensa Playables significantly outperform mobile video with interaction rates exceeding video by 5x and average cost per purchase 40% lower than video.

View the TreSensa Creative Builder Video here.

About TreSensa

TreSensa makes mobile ad experiences that are more creative, more connected, and more measurable than any other ad format, mobile or otherwise. TreSensa empowers app and brand advertisers to effectively and safely distribute their highly interactive and 100% viewable playables across thousands of mobile destinations including Facebook, Snap, Google, Unity, and more. And, with TreSensa’s proprietary Creative Builder, marketers can build stunning, high-quality playables with no coding or training required and optimize both creative and audience to ensure maximum return on spend.

Catherine Hepler