Market Realist Adopts Apomaya’s Ad Gain Platform to Increase Monetization

San Jose, California, UNITED STATES

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Market Realist, a leading provider of quality market research accessible to experts and non-professionals alike, announced the deployment of Apomaya’s Ad Gain solution to increase site inventory and monetization.

As with most publishers today, Market Realist is experiencing substantial threats to revenue streams, given the rapid changes around AdTech. The looming consequences of #privacy, #GDPR, and #adblockers have shifted the market toward online consumer preferences, exponentially increasing the elimination of ad-related revenues via various ad blocking technologies. These ad blockers impact ad-supported sites by removing valuable ad positions, lowering CPMs, and affecting site analytics.

Market Realist contracted with Apomaya to use their Reveal technology in order to understand the scope of the issue. Initial reporting showed that upward of 22% of users were blocking ads while accessing free articles and research content. In response, Market Realist implemented Apomaya’s Ad Gain technology and saw a 15% increase in unique users per month and a 20% increase in available ad impressions. 

“We’re excited about the initial results from Apomaya’s technology and have seen an increase in both ad impressions and revenue from Ad Gain,” said Jeremy Mason, Market Realist’s SVP of business development. “We rely on advertising revenue to support our quality content and research, and Apomaya’s Ad Gain product helps us continue to grow.”

Andrew Robinson, Apomaya’s CEO, said, “Apomaya is pleased to be working with a leading financial publisher like Market Realist to effectively and responsibly use Ad Gain.” He added, “We look forward to continuing this partnership and helping Market Realist increase their inventory and revenue.”

About Market Realist
Market Realist was founded in 2013 to make institutional-quality market research more accessible for both experts and non-professionals. We share must-know news highlights, in-depth analysis, and overviews of companies as well as industries and also publish quick-read newsletters that make it easy for readers to stay informed. The content team is made up of seasoned analysts and meticulous editors who share this mission.

About Apomaya
Apomaya is a professional service for web publishers focused on maximizing ad monetization through hard-to-reach users and an adstack workaround. The success of Apomaya’s technology was measured through Market Realist’s business model, effectively guaranteeing high increases in revenue and CPMs. Please contact us if you’d like to keep the web publishing industry prosperous.