38% of Holiday Ecommerce Purchases Will Be Returned! The ReadyReturns™ Holiday Update is Now Available, Delivering “Prime-Like” Product Returns for E-tailers

Scottsdale, Arizona, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES and PHOENIX, Oct. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The ReadyReturns holiday update is now available. Favored by leading retailers nationwide, ReadyReturns is an advanced component of the ReadyCloud Suite, (https://www.ReadyCloud.com) adding a “Prime-like” online returns system for retailers and third-party logistics (3PL) providers.

Not every retailer takes a consumer-centric approach during the holidays. But product returns is a vital customer service component that sparks sales growth in the retail sectors.

“What separates online retailers is the consumer experience. Consumers want to shop with confidence and will favor the retailers that do it best from end-to-end,” comments Michael Lazar, an Executive at ReadyCloud. “66% of consumers will check an e-retailer’s return policy before completing checkout. This behavior is trending up and it represents the way you and I like to shop.”

For every consumer that wants to see a “Prime-like” returns process everywhere they shop online, there is a retailer that needs to feel comfortable that the experience is representing their brand and their policies. This highly anticipated ReadyReturns update delivers new features for both retailers and consumers and pushes the boundaries for online returns automation.

New features include:

  • New time-tiered returns rules
  • Easier weight-based return options with multi-carrier support
  • Price-based return logic
  • All-new Customer Service screen for warranties, repairs and brick and mortar returns
  • Expanded rules engine to support more Reasons for Return and Return Types
  • Built-in support for Canadian returns that automatically generates all customs documentation
  • Built-in support for Square payments
  • New return review and time-stamp feature
  • And more…

“ReadyReturns goes beyond automation,” Lazar adds. “ReadyReturns was developed to turn the ‘Returns Page’ into the ‘Customer Retention Page.’ It is a well-known fact that up to 44% of shoppers will place a return and make a new purchase in the same session, when the return experience is a good one. The lessor known fact is that this statistic applies to returns placed on the merchant’s website as well. ReadyReturns is added to the pages of the retailer’s website, never to a third-party returns portal, to maintain branding and keep the consumer engaged and shopping.”

ReadyReturns powers “Prime-like” returns through today’s most popular ecommerce systems. These include: Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Square, WooCommerce and others. Custom integrations are supported through the ReadyCloud API.

“If you’re selling online, you’re also processing returns,” Lazar says. “ReadyReturns will make this holiday better than the last for retailers and consumers by adding to a retail experience that provides confidence at checkout. Everyone wants more sales, and now you can get them even when a customer is returning an item. Also, if you’re using UPS to ship, you may even qualify for special, subsidized pricing. Contact us today to find out how!”

Learn more about ReadyReturns or start a 14-day complimentary trial by visiting www.readyreturns.com

As part of the UPS™ Customer Technology Program™ (CTP), qualifying retailers could get ReadyReturns for up to three years at full or partially subsidized pricing, if they qualify for the UPS CTP. Learn more here.

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