VPN.com Announces Sale of Audit.com

ATLANTA, AUSTIN, Texas and LOS ANGELES, Nov. 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VPN.com brokers five-letter premium domain in a rare opportunity for a buyer and seller with long-term internet vision.

The premium domain broker, which handles exclusive exact-match domain names for high-volume, high-vision organizations, is proud to announce the successful sale of Audit.com. Domain transactions of this level take dedicated work and a shared vision on the part of the seller, sales team and buyer.

"Audit.com is an incredible domain that applies to so many different lines of business," said Michael Gargiulo, CEO at VPN. "We worked with our seller for four months to make this wonderful transaction happen and now we can finally announce it. Without a buyer with vision and someone who understands the future of the internet, I am not sure if this deal would have taken place."

VPN specializes in high-value exact-match domain transactions. The going rate for the types of domains it handles ranges from $25,000 to $25,000,000. Moving such valuable digital properties takes expertise and finesse, and moving them quickly relies on a passion for the niche and product. Gargiulo has bought and sold more than 1,400 domains, several in the six- to seven-figure range. Sharjil Saleem, VP of Domain Brokerage at VPN.com, is also no stranger to high-dollar domain transactions, driving millions of dollars in domain sales in 2019 alone.

"Our progress and success as domain brokers at vpn.com/domains is due to the domains and contacts we have in our network," said Saleem. "Premium domains involve a unique buyer with vision and, typically, a seller who has had a similar vision. We know premium domains like Audit.com will be around the internet forever, and the brands that choose to build on premium property like this will win over the next 100 years."

While the specific details about the Audit.com sale remain between the brokers, buyers and seller, Gargiulo says the VPN.com team is happy with the final results of the deal. "We are excited to have been part of another six-figure premium .com transaction. If you are a deal-oriented premium one-word .com seller, send us a message so we can produce these results for you too."

This isn't the first time VPN.com has made a gargantuan domain deal, but the alignment between all parties that brings these efforts to fruition is rare. "We only have a few other similar premium domains like this," said Gargiulo. Those include:

  • Biker.com
  • Bribe.com
  • Bucket.com
  • Cola.com
  • Encrypt.com
  • Flow.com
  • Foes.com
  • Mam.com

"The entrepreneurs who have a natural alignment with these names can define their market for the rest of time. It is rare to have this type of opportunity," he concluded.

Entrepreneurs wishing to align themselves with the fast-moving, passionate VPN.com team can contact: sharjil@vpn.com

Buyers and sellers alike benefit from a brokerage structure that doesn't include upfront costs. As a leader in internet privacy it also supports 100% anonymity to keep larger sales and marketing plans under wraps throughout a transaction as needed.

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